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Is asbergers the form of autism?

Asperger is a form of autism that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information & relates to other people! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Chelsi Reply:

    We need a lot more ingithss like this!

  2. Vena Reply:

    Dec 15, 2011 One form of autism that is harder to spot is Asperger's Syndrome. Because it is a milder form of autism described as "high functioning," people Source:

  3. Kellee Reply:

    Some would claim that ‘Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified’ (PDD-NOS) or ‘Atypical Autism’ is the least severe (note: I did not use the term ‘mildest’ as Autism is never mild) form of Autism, but it has become widely … Source:

  4. Shirl Reply:

    The diagnostic criteria change periodically. It must be remembered that autism falls on a spectrum, ranging from very serious cases to very mild. Everyone is different. The three most commonly discussed types of autism are classic autism, A… Source:

  5. Ching Reply:

    Asbergers is actually a kind of autism. Asbergers is better than most autism. They have bigger brains and can do many things that other children can’t. Also,They are obsessed with their hobbies. To learn more, e-mail me, [email protected]… Source:

  6. Sherika Reply:

    Does anybody have a sibling or know someone well with asbergers, and my little brother has syndrome or autism? I am in middle school asbergers. I want to here from other peopl

  7. Constance Reply:

    Aspergers is a certain type of high fnctioning autism! It has distinct signs in males and females! One person with it might be a compulsive liar who hates people and studies science, while another person might be a writer who loves people and cant hold interest in just one subject all the time, but many! They can get along with people if they have to, and some really want to! They probably have high iqs or above average! They obsess on things in a manner similar to those with autism, but they have more ability to act on their ideas and feelings, as they are more in tune with those! They are overwhelmed by them sometimes, but not as much as someone with just autism, who might throw a fit instead of say, skip class or tell someone off! They are usually perceived as aloof, but some can be seen as too friendly! They can be childlike, but also too old if that makes sense! They revert back to childlke behaviors when facing unknown problems!High functioning autism!!!Im going to say the people with that might not have genius iqs, but they might have above average or normal, and interact differently with people! They are usually very sweet ALL the time, and not always aware of when people are making fun of them, unlike an Aspie who figures it out! This doesnt mean they dont sometimes realize it! They might not even care when someone does it coz they arent thinking like it matters! They are in their own world more! They usually are very good at one or two things that will be their FAVORITE things they always talk about and do things about! I usually see high functionings as very sweet and always wanting to be nice or have others be nice! They dont seem to think about mean stuff or worry about what others are going to do, because they have their own thing!I dont know if you find this true at all! Every one is different with their own personality, and can be a slight bit higher or lower on the scale!A clinician, or a search on Google for the definitions and diagnostics, might help you more! Thought id give a personal perspective!

  8. Reginia Reply:

    It has been proposed that the diagnosis of Asperger's be eliminated, to be Of the other four ASD forms, autism is the most similar to AS in signs and likely

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