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Is autism genetic?

The majority of individuals with autism do NOT have a strong family history, which supports the premise that environmental or!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Clemencia Reply:

    Research on autism suggests that this condition may be linked to genetic abnormalities which create alterations in brain function. Alterations in brain function Source:

  2. Lennie Reply:

    Twin and family studies provide strong evidence that autism has a largely genetic aetiology. The pattern of familial aggregation suggests that in individual families, a small number of genes act together to cause the phenotype. However, it … Source:

  3. Florinda Reply:

    There are more than type of autism spectrum disorder (or Pervasive Developmental Disorder). One type of autism, Rett’s Disorder, is caused by a genetic brain disease. Angelman’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes symptoms that could… Source:

  4. Brenna Reply:

    Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism are complex……. From: Tons of info: Source:

  5. Jackelyn Reply:

    is autism genetic????? im getting my sons MMR all this talk about it proved but it still makes being linked to autism. i know it hasnt been done soon and wonrried about me dou

  6. Tonette Reply:

    The cause for autism in most cases is not known! In a small portion of individuals with autism (5-10%), an underlying cause can be found! These underlying causes could be something that is inherited through the family (such as genetic or chromosomal changes) or could be things that occured randomly (such as exposure to certain types of infections during pregnancy)! If your brother does fall into this 5-10% with an underlying cause, the chance for to have a child with autism could be significantly higher (depending on what the actual cause is)! The best way to determine whether your brother may have a genetic condition causing his autism would be for him to be evaluated by a genetics doctor! In the other 90-95% of autism that does not have a known cause, it is presumed that there are probably many factors that work together to cause the autism! This may include many genetic factors as well as possibly environmental factors! When there is not a known cause, parents who have a child with autism have a somewhat higher chance of having another child with autism (approximately a 4% chance)! If your brother has a genetics evaluation and is not found to have a known underlying cause, the chance for you to have a child with autism would probably be a little higher than what it would be for someone without a family history of autism, but probably lower than the 4% it would be for your parents!Research in this area is ongoing, so its possible well know a lot more about the causes of autism by the time you get to an age where youre thinking about having kids! You can always meet with a genetic counselor when you get older to discuss this!

  7. Mika Reply:

    Known genetic syndromes, mutations, and metabolic than half of known autism genes are implicated in other disorders,

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