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Is Down Syndrome and Autism the same?

Autism causes developmental problems in early childhood! Down Syndrome is due to a chromosome abnormality found at birth! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Savannah Reply:

    I have a brother with autism and a a kid in my school with Down syndrome. They are soothing alike. Autism is more controllable that Down syndrome is. With Down syndrome you would sometimes have to have a person to help you with EVERYTHING yet you could have more “freedom” with autism.

  2. Sherill Reply:

    Autism is a neurological condition which ranges from mild–Asperger's with little who cannot speak or write, but here is one that take these facts into consideration : Love and Learning, created by the parents of a child with Down Syndrome, Source:

  3. Tora Reply:

    He absolutely does think they are the same. And he should be ashamed of himself even bringing Autism up now. Autism advocates tried to meet with

  4. Nikole Reply:

    Autism, it affects 1 in 150, which makes it very common, very scary Source:

  5. Soila Reply:

    There’s a big difference (I am autistic.) First off: People with Down Syndrome have a physical handicap, and suffer from a genetic disorder that gives them great problems in everyday life, both mental and physical (Although a few can live a… Source:

  6. Courtney Reply:

    I have a brother who has Downs Syndrome. He has learning difficulties and his speech isn’t too good but his family can understand him… only some of his words are understandable by everybody, and Downs Syndrome people aren’t too good at le… Source:

  7. Cornelia Reply:

    I heard Cho Seung-Hui had suffered from autism. I have some friends who have autistic kids. I knew a little bit about the signs of autism, but I’m not sure if they grow up the

  8. Jamika Reply:

    Hi and I am proud of you for asking this question! The answer is NO! Autism has to do with the brain function!!!in my opinion, after birth, and down syndrome is a genetic condition caused at conception! Autism can not be detected during any test inside the womb, but down syndrome can because it has to do with the genes that make up the human DNAThere are so many different levels of autism! I do get very upet when people think that autism means retarded in some way because that cant be farther from the truth!!

  9. Marleen Reply:

    Both autism and Asperger's Syndrome are autism spectrum disorders. For a link to a question comparing both, Is Down syndrome the same as Rett syndrome?

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