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Is it possible to cure autism?

Autism is a disorder that can not be cured! The symptoms of the disorder can be minimized by intensive therapy and food changes! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jayme Reply:

    How to Use Nutritional Therapies to Treat Autism. Use rice substitutes when possible. 2 Use antioxidants and anti-fungal medication to treat autism while Source:

  2. Delora Reply:

    Aug 12, 2008 Currently it is not known what exactly causes Autism and there is no exact cure for it, but scientists are steadily working on these two areas and

  3. Lynsey Reply:

    There is nothing that can "cure" autism since it is largely hereditary in nature. However, there are a number of treatments which have proved successful in improving the lives of people with autism. Therapy should begin as soon as possible … Source:

  4. Karol Reply:

    no but it will become less obvious over time Source:

  5. Hilaria Reply:

    UNDERSTAND THAT AUTISM IS A DIAGNOSIS, NOT A DISEASE!! Also, understand that another word for diagnosis is LABEL. A child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder will have 1)delay in the development of speech, 2)lack of social skills and 3)… Source:

  6. Elmira Reply:

    Do U really trust Autism Speaks in helping cure Autism? Or is it really just-military complex just to create more an arm of the corporate medicines to create more super soldie

  7. Zofia Reply:

    there are treatments to help cope with autism but you are right, its not possible to fully cure it!

  8. Arnette Reply:

    Peggy Halliday discusses a variety of topics related to autism spectrum disorders, such as with early diagnosis, is it possible that a child with autism may be cured.

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