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Is there a scientific name for autism?

The pervasive developmental disorders, or autism spectrum disorders, called autistic disorder, called Asperger syndrome! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cathy Reply:

    Opponents warn there is no scientific evidence linking acidosis to autism. Sodium bicarbonate is the scientific name for banking soda and is found as the Source:

  2. Lorinda Reply:

    Isodicentric chromosome 15 is the scientific name for a specific type of There are now over 20 reports in the literature of individuals with both autism and

  3. Allen Reply:

    Scientific Link To Autism Identified During its research into the application of neuroscience in business, a New Jersey based think tank, The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes®, LLC (The Center) made an inadvertent and amazing discovery…. Source:

  4. Tanisha Reply:

    J Liu, C Lord, D Neyhoylt. Try searching google using their google scholar feature for some sample articles. Source:

  5. Jasmine Reply:

    ASD. Autism spectrum dissorder Source:

  6. Aleshia Reply:

    I need some scientific journals on, websites, blogs, and lecture notes are not autism.? I was told that textbooks considered scientific journals by my instructor.

  7. Kallie Reply:

    i really dont think that there will be any positive!Some of us can think, observe, analyse, concentrate and persist like you wouldnt believe!No, Im not saying that is all of us, and very few have any of the savant skills so beloved of Hollywood, though such do exist!Able autistic individuals can rise to eminent positions with such outstanding success that one may conclude that only such people are capable of certain achievements! Their unswerving determination and penetrating intellectual powers, part of their spontaneous and original mental activity, their narrowness and single-mindedness, as manifested in their special interests, can be immensely valuable and can lead to outstanding achievements in their chosen areas! (Hans Asperger, 1944) And having had a long, cool look at what passes for normal, sometimes, there are a good few traits Im glad I missed out on!

  8. Doretta Reply:

    What is the scientific name for autism? Improve Autism spectrum dissorder. Click Here . Answer it! What do the mob do to people that take there money?

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