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What is the autism spectrum disorders?

Currently, the autism spectrum disorder category includes: Autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Khalil Reply:

    I teach special ediuctaon at NNHS. One of my student’s parents referred you to me as a possible referal for more of my parents. Do you have anything written explaining your photography of special needs children that I could forward to my parent list? Let me know, as I’m sure there would be some interested parents from my classes.

  2. Trina Reply:

    Higher Education & Autism Spectrum Disorders. People with an autism spectrum disorder face challenges with communication and language developments, Source:

  3. Lashawnda Reply:

    Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neuro-developmental condition that typically presents in children around the age of 2. Symptoms of this disorder include delays in reaching social and developmental milestones, repetitive behaviors, lac

  4. Shandi Reply:

    Admit that your child may have a problem. My daughter was typically developing baby, but when she didn’t speak by 20 months, I raised concerns to my pediatrician, and took her for an initial evaluation. Keep an open mind about what you are … Source:

  5. Theresia Reply:

    See Your Child’s Pediatrician: You should share your concerns with your pediatrician about the possibility of an autism spectrum disorder in your child. He or she should be familiar with the usual signs and symptoms, and a discussion would … Source:

  6. Berry Reply:

    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), also known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), are conditions with various levels of impaired communication skills, impaired social skills, and repetitive behaviors or interests. Sensory issues are a… Source:

  7. Retta Reply:

    Autism Spectrum Disorders? How might instruction be designed behaviors characteristic of autism spectrum so that some of the disorders become strengths for the child as a lear

  8. Ignacia Reply:

    Try http://www!nas!org!uk/ to see if there is a support group or something in your area to help guide you!

  9. Kira Reply:

    Autism spectrum disorders tend to be highly comorbid with other disorders. Comorbidity may

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