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What is the difference between autism and aspergers?

Early language and cognitive skills are not delayed significantly in children with Asperger’s syndrome! anything!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosita Reply:

    What Is the Difference Between Asperger's & Autism?. Autism and Asperger's are both conditions that are considered autism spectrum disorders. It can be Source:

  2. Khalilah Reply:

    Everyone here seems to have covered the bases, but if you want an in depth look at the differences, you might go to and try listening to a podcast put out by Midnight In Chicago called: Autism, Asperger Syndrome an

  3. Diana Reply:

    Autism and Asperger’s syndrome are both autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and pervasive development disorders (PDD). People diagnosed with any type of autism spectrum disorder are either social avoident or socially inappropriate. Asperger’s S… Source:'s_Syndrome

  4. Daphine Reply:

    I have a brother who has Downs Syndrome. He has learning difficulties and his speech isn’t too good but his family can understand him… only some of his words are understandable by everybody, and Downs Syndrome people aren’t too good at le… Source:

  5. Lakia Reply:

    Autism and Asperger’s are both conditions that are considered autism spectrum disorders. It can be difficult to distinguish differences between the disorders and requires a trained clinician to make an official diagnosis. Typically, the dia… Source:

  6. Merry Reply:

    What’s the difference between “Aspergers” and “high functioning autism”? I used to think Aspergers WAS a form of high functioning autism, but I’m noticing that some people mak

  7. Scottie Reply:

    Aspergers is a type of autism! Autism has many different types, ranging from mild to severe! Aspbergers is a fairly mild type of Autism, where the child is generally able to function at a very high level – its also more difficult to diagnose, because kids with Aspergers may have developmental delays and social problems but may not be as typically withdrawn as those with a more severe case of Autism!

  8. Susy Reply:

    Some researchers speculate that there is a difference between high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. So, it is possible that the people with

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