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How do You Make Freckles Go Away

You may have such questions as How Can You Make Freckles Go Away and How Could You Make All Your Freckles Go Away,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Boys Go Through Puberty Do Their Freckles Go Away. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Products That Will Remove My Freckles,too. Read more as following:

You can not make freckles go away. You can however, help to fade them. Applying a bit of lemon juice on them every night will help. Makeup usually does a great job covering them up if you don’t like them.

How can you make freckles go away?

You can't, freckles are imbedded in your skin, so you can only cover them up.... More »

How could you make all your freckles go away?

i have freckles and i have been told that you can get rid of them by using LEMON juice.. put it of your face before you go to sleep and wash it off in the morning it should lighten your freckles until they are removed.. i haven't tried this yet but i... More »

When boys go through puberty do their freckles go away?

No. Freckles are tan patches you get from the sun, they can fade if you, like , never go outside. But you should go outside it's healthy for you. ^Ignore that, the generally do go away when people go through puberty. Their appearance does increase wh... More »

How to make a headache go away?

1. Catch the pain early. As soon as you feel a headache coming on, work quickly to combat the pain. Depending on the type of headache, pain can radiate over various regions of a person's head and neck, intensifying if not treated at the onset of disc... More »

How to make a bruise go away?

1. Hold an ice pack or cold compress over the bruised area for 30 minutes. Avoid any areas of broken skin. 2. Apply a warm compress only after five or six hours have passed since the bruising occurred. This helps the skin reabsorb the blood. To make... More »

When does Acne Go Away?

Acne can go away once you become a full adult. However, sometimes acne still does not go away and you will need to use acne treatment daily.... More »


  1. Signilda Reply:

    I have some freckles on my arms and I really don’t like them is there anything I can get to make them go away?
    Kiwi that is what my Mum said too lol But these freckles have been there forever and I’m almost 17 and they are still just as much there.

  2. Boby Reply:

    I have freckles on my lower arms only and they are light and small but I hate them because I have O.C.D…I am about to go to the shop is there anything I can buy form the chemist or anything to fade freckles alot that actually works?

  3. J. P Reply:

    I am a sophomore in high school and I hate my freckles. they make me look even more childish. I have very strong Irish ancestry, but I have some friends who are Irish that don’t have them. Does anyone know of any AT HOME solution for freckles? I would really, really appreciate anybody who knows.

  4. Cameron Reply:

    i have heard that rubbinq half a lemon on your face every night will make your freckles fade away ? i have been doing this for two weeks and am not sure im getting results ? how long would it take to see ?

  5. Kelly Reply:

    I’ve seen caucasian people and my light skinned Mexican friend with it.

    ALSO: Do freckles ever go away naturally?

  6. Baby Reply:

    Can freckles go away? And are there any products you can use to get them to go away? Thank you!

  7. Jellydrink :] Reply:

    I’ve seen many girls and women where I live and they have amazing skin, but they act ridiculous when I ask them how they made the freckles go away :@ so plz help me out here

  8. Nitosha Reply:

    I have freckles not all over my face but a little around my cheeks, forehead,and one on my lip which I really want to get rid of!!
    The other reason I want to get rid of my freckles is because I heard from a doctor they can be precancerous which also worries me.

  9. Katniss Reply:

    Hi 14m
    Had freckles for ever, by the way I am originally red headed so I get teased alot about my appearance. How do you get freckles and pimples go away using stuff that are in a household? Thanks

  10. Gsmom Reply:

    I was told when I was younger once I was older that my freckles would go away. And I’ve gotten more freckles since then. I just want a way to hide them and if not find a way to get rid of them permanently without the means of laser surgery. Please can someone help me?

  11. Nicole Bedner Reply:

    I really hate my freckles and I have self-tanning lotion, so I was wondering if that would make my freckles go away? I am afraid it’s going to make my face a really odd color if I do it, though.

  12. Funny Reply:

    I asked some adults and they said their freckles faded away. So, is it true?

  13. Rebekah Reply:

    I’m a middle aged fat guy who makes Howdy Doody look clean. What sort of makeup, or paint thinner should I use to melt those freckles away?

  14. Rubens Gates Reply:

    For me tanning comes with getting freckles and I was wondering if there is any way possible to tan without the side affect of lots more freckles. Some kind of cream or something to put on my face??? What helps? Does sunscreen keep freckles away? (I always put on sunscreen anyway)

  15. Shauniee Reply:

    Have very pale skin with freckles. Thought that I could bleach the freckles away and spray tan so I can avoid looking extremely pale from the bleaching cream.

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