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Why do Some Women have Mustaches

You may have such questions as How to Make a Fake Mustache and How To Lighten A Mustache For Women,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Wax Mustache Area For Women. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Different Types of Mustaches,too. Read more as following:

In my experience, some women have mustaches because of hereditary or racial traits from their ancestors. Some women might also have mustaches due to an increase in testosterone in their blood.

How to make a fake mustache?

1. Cut out the mustache material to the size and shape you want it. 2. Spray paint the mustache material the color you want it. 3. Let the paint dry for as long as the directions on the can say. Usually it won't be more than 5-6 hour (you can leave i... More »

How to lighten a mustache for women?

1. Open a hair-bleaching kit and mix according to the package instructions. Most home bleach kits consist of a powder and a cream that you must mix together in a specific proportion.The kits usually have a plastic spatula and palette, however, you ca... More »

How to wax mustache area for women?

1. Heat wax as directions indicate on waxing kit. Be sure not to heat wax too hot as it may burn your skin. The skin above the lip is sensitive so it very important to be cautious when waxing it yourself. 2. Spread a small amount of wax on lip hair,... More »

How to get rid of a mustache for girls?

1. Pluck the hair above the upper lip with a pair of tweezers. This is an option if you have only a few stray hairs. Grasp hair at the base and pull quickly to remove the hairs. If pain and irritation exists after plucking, apply a thin layer of faci... More »

How to get rid of mustache on a women?

No tape doesnt work. Buy real wax or Nair for faces, or Sally Hansen hair remover. If no money, just use a razor or tweezers that you have at home.... More »

How to grow a mustache?

1. Keep the shaver away from the area between the nose and upper lip. Although some say if you shave more, the hair on your face becomes thicker, this is not always true. 2. Let the hair grow and shave around the area. Facial hair appears first at th... More »


  1. Zach Reply:

    Times are changing.
    If gays are not born that way,then gender roles are not either.
    Which means that YOU are a SEXIST PIG if you do not get turned on by a woman with a mustache or beard!

    Obama 2012…

  2. Jakky Reply:

    I was shopping at Target the other day and I saw a woman with a mustache greater than I could grow. You know Flanders from the Simpsons? His mustache has got nothing on this woman’s. How could this have happened?

  3. Kenneth Gomez Reply:

    Also, why can women grow armpit hair? Obviously, it was intended that women were suppose to have armpit hair or else they couldnt grow it.

    Men have nipples.. nuff said.

  4. Inquiringmind Reply:

    I have a faint mustache and it’s really ugly. It’s like a faint green line above my lip. Any tips on how to remove it? At home without waxing stuff from a store. :) thanks

  5. Emma Reply:

    I am considering it but I have a picture in my mind about old single women with mustaches and horrible creepy men! Am I wrong?

  6. Derek Reply:

    I need some waxing strips or summat to get rid of my whiskers before I get a full on mustache pleeeeeease :)
    Oh god. I meant like.. gimme some links and that. And why the hell would I shave? There’s only a few, my goodness.

  7. Catherine Reply:

    What about beards ? How does it relate to body hair in them ? What colour women has more of it , blondes , brunettes ,blacks or asians ?

  8. Ciara Shay Reply:

    First of all im 16, and i thread my mustache hair, is that bad and how?

    Second how would you get your mustache hair removed permanently?

    And how much do you think it’ll cost (an estimate)? And where can i get this done? PLZ HELP…

    This is really inportant!
    How Much Would Lasering cost?

  9. Yung Reply:

    They say women with mustaches have more testosterone and a higher sex drive.

  10. Bonez1026 Reply:

    I noticed a lot of women get more facial hair and look more like dudes as they approach 50 and 60. What’s up with that? Some of ’em even have to start waxing their staches as early as 30 years old! Geez!

  11. Josh Reply:

    It’s hard to tell the men from the women. The men look pregnant with their T-shirts pulled up above their huge bellies and the women have moustaches.
    Are they an androgynous race?

  12. Clara Reply:

    I have seen women with full fledge mustache and beards, why is that?

  13. Elena Reply:

    I have a stight women’s moustache, as most women do (sorry i dunno what to call them haha). However, since I have dark brown hair, they are really visible. How do i get rid of them naturally without having to shave or anything. Many people tell me they will just disappear but is this true?

  14. Madisyn Owens Reply:

    My wife is growing a mustache for Mebruary (in the month of February women grow mustaches for breast cancer). Wondering if i could get some tips to speed up the process.

  15. Talia Reply:

    God made woman from Man (Genesis 2:21–22 )- by taking his rib and making a partner. Of course the woman had many of the same features that God borrowed from Man, including a nipple, and hair on there armpits, some women have moustaches too.

    How can Atheism explain this?

  16. Nika Reply:

    God made woman from Man – by taking his rib and making a partner. Of course the woman had many of the same features that God borrowed from Man, including a nipple, and hair on there armpits, some women have moustaches too.

    How do athiest explain this?

  17. Billy Foster Reply:

    you see women with moustaches and chin hair, they do nothing about it. If men can spend 5 minutes shaving in the morning why cant women aswell? and if theyre going to wax their legs and arms cant they do their face aswell?

  18. Zak Reply:

    I have seen quite a few women with mustaches. Not a thin layef of hair buy an obvious mustache. Is this a trend now, or a natural movement.

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