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How Big is a Human Eye

You may have such questions as How Big Is The Human Eye and How Big Are Human Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Miles Can the Human Eye See. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Parts of the Human Eye,too. Read more as following:

A humans eye is the size of a golf ball. The average person’s eye size will never change though. The adult human eye can measure about one inch in length.

How big is the human eye?

Just about three centimeters in diameter.... More »

How big are human eyes?

About 24 to 26mm and they stay the same size from birth until death.... More »

How Many Miles can the Human Eye See?

The human eye can virtually see an unlimited distance. Although, it really depends upon the vision of the individual and the amount of light. On a clear night, one can see well into space.... More »

How the Human Eye Works?

The human eye focuses on light rays. When everything is working right the light is converted to impulses and sent to the brain where it is turned into an image.... More »

What are the parts of a human eye?

the eyes has several parts to it theres the pupil and the color part and the white part lol.... More »

How Big is the Human Bladder?

Human bladder's size and shape vary according to age and the amount of urine in it. Normal adult bladder has a capacity of about 300 to 1000ml but the urge to urinate usually develops once the bladder contains 300 ml of urine.... More »


  1. J A Reply:

    Ok right now when i play doom 3 i only get like 60 fps on ultra settings with highest AA i know a human eye cant see past that but stil….. My cpu and ram are crap 1.8 ghrz and 1 gb would upgrading the ram and overclocking the cpu make a difference?

  2. Parakeet Reply:

    Anime characters (mainly girls) usually have big eyes, while most asians have more squinted eyes.
    Anime character also have impossible colored hair and eyes.
    I would guess to be creative, or maybe because they wish they looked that way?
    Any ideas?

  3. Alex Portmann Reply:

    like is it symbolic of something?
    just curious. i saw this man at the bus stop with one on each of his hands but it didn’t dawn on me to ask until now…
    they just looked like regular human eyes. they were kinda big too… i mean noticeable…

  4. Chloe Izzinberg Reply:

    it has to be visible to the human eye..
    and it cannot be big..
    like huge explosions.
    something simple && easy
    like …
    potassium permanganate reacting to glycerol.
    [i think]
    any ideas?
    something small && easy,
    cause i need to keep it in a plastic chamber.

  5. Manasa Reply:

    would it be a big explosion or would it be small and the human eye could not see it? Please include range as in feet or yards.

  6. Laurie Reply:

    I’m not all about the fake eyelashes,

    I’m thinking about makeup that will make my eyes look naturally bigger, without overdoing it.

    If you have a secret, can you share? If you know how to make the
    human eye look larger, with the art of makeup, share your tips.

    Thanks so much ♥

  7. Alittlehigher Reply:

    I have a dog and I’m sure she has piercing human eyes, they are a caramel brown colour and all sparkly. Has anyone else thought this?

  8. Smilegirl Reply:

    i want some for my birthday. and ive had sea monkeys before but you cant really see them without looking closely, what im after is the same sort of thing but they are visible to the human eye, does any body know what they are called? you also get them in packs just like sea monkeys.

  9. James Baker Reply:

    in mobile cameras, the lens is about 6-7 mm in diameter ,the lens in the human eye is a little bigger.. even then the difference in the size of images that appear in a camera’s screen and in the retina is huge.. why is that? please explain

  10. Ghazal Bayat Reply:

    There’s a perfect circle around the moon tonight.
    Its a huuuuuuuge circle (when holding up my hand to the circle from the ground, the circle is bigger)
    Its obvious to the human eye but is still a faint light.
    What is this?

  11. Tracy Reply:

    Please don’t give me E = mc(squared) or any other equations, I want an answer in terms of an explosion. How big would it be? Would it be so small that the human eye couldn’t catch it? Would it be like a firecracker, a grenade, an atom bomb? How large would the resulting explosion be?

  12. K J Reply:

    if humans were to create a massive telescope shape like a massive human eye and at the size of the earth what will the whole universe look like? I mean this is just science fiction but what if it can be real? and what happens? How will it’s optical physics look like?

  13. James M Reply:

    What is the function of the human eye? I have a big project due on friday. The answer has to be appropiate for a 7th grader

  14. Mikailak69 Reply:

    I know aviator sunglasses have dark lenses and the entire range are much bigger than an human eye.
    But what about the others like retro and wrap and visor sunglasses. I ask because i am really paranoid and want to buy the most effective for my age.I am 15 years old.

  15. Kate-kat Reply:

    I have to make a human eye model for middle school but i don’t know how?We did the outside with paper mache,but it has to be cut in half.Please help me i need this for MESA days.THANK YOU!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Zombiesplicer Reply:

    What is the average diameter of a humans eye, and a cats?

  17. Rachel Reply:

    Well im doing a science making a human eye model.
    what can I make the eye shape out? it has to be bigger than 1ftW 1ftH and 1ft deep.
    i cant use styrofoam. and i have to bisect so i cant have a real ball. Help me?

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