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How do Animals Synthesize Vitamin C

You may have such questions as How Does the Body Synthesize Vitamin D and How to Synthesize Ideas,or you may also seek several helpful information about Which of the Following Vitamins Is Synthesized by Intestinal Bacteria. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Synthesize in Writing,too. Read more as following:

Animals synthesize Vitamin C through the natural process of their bodies. Humans do not. Animals have a gene that makes Vitamin C. Humans do not. Animals do not need to eat foods with Vitamin C, but humans must eat foods or supplements with Vitamin C.

Is vitamin d synthesized by the body?

Vitamin D is synthesized within the human body when the human skin is exposed to...... More »

How to synthesize ideas?

1. Question yourself as you read. Pause periodically as you read both fiction and nonfiction works, asking yourself questions about what you just read, such as "How does this relate to my daily life?" or "What have I read that is similar to this?". 2... More »

Which of the following vitamins is synthesized by intestinal bacteria?

Biotin. Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Intestinal bacteria generally produce an excess of the body's daily requirement. Source(s): ... More »

What animal is unable to synthesize vitamin c?

Humans are not able to synthesize Vitamin C thus we are able to take up a lot in our diet. Every winter, as the influenza (flu) season spreads across America, people flock to stores to get vitamin C tablets to deliver them from the symptoms of the co... More »

What animal cannot synthesize vitamin C?

Among the animals that have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C are simi...... More »

Which animal is unable to synthesize vitamin C and will become deficient without...

dogs.... More »


  1. Tamara Reply:

    I notice the South Beach Diet recommends the “extra virgin olive oil”. Since regular olive oil is much cheaper, I wonder why they recommend “extra virgin olive oil”.

  2. Catherine Reply:

    There’s so many masses of contradicting claims from both doctors and internet people that its truly hard to know if they are worthwhile or not.

  3. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    He really must despise humans.

    And Guinea pigs.

  4. Kia Z Z Reply:

    This is a question my science teacher asked me.

  5. Aidan Reply:

    Other than eating… Go into detail please?

  6. Priti Reply:

    I’m a 3 sport athlete and work out lifting weights reguraly. Also I do exercises like push ups, sit ups, ab rollers, calf raises, etc. What are some good foods or fruits and vegetables to eat and why? Anything to avoid?

  7. Menime Reply:
  8. Helena Reply:

    we have these vitamin c gummies that smell, look, and taste like oranges, but there for humans. i know guinea pigs are suppose to have lots of vitamin c, and i was wondering if i could feed him little bits of it occasionally?

  9. Adriana Hernandez Reply:

    4TH grader having problems finding answers to help on a project. Thanks .She needs to know what type of nutrients or vitamins and feed. Any information is appreciated.

  10. Guru1988 Reply:

    Why didn’t God create us to resemble absolutely no other animals on Earth? Why should we share so much in common (genetically speaking) with any other animal whatsoever?

  11. Nymeria88 Reply:

    How do they get vitamins in a pill?

  12. Veronica Reply:

    We know that fruits and veggies are bombs containing healthy vitamins,but what is the origin of the word vitamin,and exactly,what are vitamins and when where they first discovered as a medical benefit?Thank you!

  13. Manasa Reply:

    I hear lemons contain vitamin C – what purpose does it serve? It does help us people create new skin cells (I think) but what does it do for the plant? It can’t have something it doesn’t need…

  14. Neil Reply:

    I understand that other animals can and therefore don’t need to eat it. Also, how does this support the theory of evolution?

  15. Biz Reply:

    For eg humans need unlike other animals to obtain vitamin C from foods.

    Is it merely less energy expensive for the body to get it from foods than synthesise?
    Pretty much all of these “breatharians” have been shown to be con-artists in controlled studies.

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