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How do Human Senses Work

You may have such questions as How Many Senses Do Humans Have and What Are The Six Human Senses,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Human Senses. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Five Senses of the Human Body,too. Read more as following:

In my experience, human senses work by collecting information from outside the body and sending it to the brain. The senses are stimulated and send this information to the brain to sort.

How Many Senses do Humans have?

Most people think we only have 5 senses, but in truth we have 10. They are: Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch which includes-hot, cold, pressure and pain, motion, and last but not least, balance. For more information, look here: ... More »

What are the six human senses?

The eye is the organ of sight. Each eye produces a single 2-D image of the object(s) being viewed, and when combined, forms one visual image. The single 2-D image is filtered through the retina, or the focus point for clarity, and passed to the brain... More »

What are the human senses?

The sense of hearing is often underestimated among all human senses, yet this sense is at least as important to human existence as sight. In some ways, the perception of sound is more reliable than the visual images that the brain translates in its r... More »

What is the use of human senses to gather information?

The eyes are able to see objects in three dimensions. Each eye sees an object individually, then sends the image to the brain. The brain combines the images to help process a clear picture of what is seen. The ability of the eyes to see in three dime... More »

What is the fifth sense of human?

We have 5 senses sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.... More »

What are the 6 human senses?

there are 5. sight. hear. touch. taste. smell.... More »


  1. Lorna Doom Reply:

    Are human senses limited in the appreciation of most art forms?

  2. Jitendra Reply:

    What makes it so addictive to smell? Is it something in it or something about the human sense of smell?
    I can’t understand why something so bad for your health can smell so good.
    No, I’m not a petrol sniffer.

  3. Artificialdragon Reply:

    I’m wondering if digital technologies evolved based on the inherent limitations of the human senses and the “waste” information of analog systems.

  4. Tristen M Reply:

    to human senses, a ‘god’ that seems to be a genocidal hypocrite, one who would only provide forgiveness for a sin no one but ‘eve’ committed, except through blood sacrifice? I mean, this nonsense is supposed to improve the adherents and make them better people?

  5. Night Crawler Reply:

    I mean human beauty among all creatures, does human senses have anything to do with it? (I think I figured this one out by myself :p )

  6. Pirate_gurl727 Reply:

    Despite the impressive sensory skills possessed by humans, the human senses are tuned in to only a narrow band of physical energies. Name four species that are able to pick up signals that humans do not pick up. What can each of these species detect that humans cannot?

  7. Jordyy Reply:

    And the loss of which one of your senses do you think would cause you the most anxiety? Kindly limit your answer to the 5 normal human senses; in case you happen to be blessed with more than 5, that is. :-)

  8. Vanessa Medina Reply:

    As a guy who likes 5 gum i found out that the five gum actually stimulates 5 of the human senses. But after looking i cant find the names of these senses. thanks!

  9. Tenasia Reply:

    i have used scientific parts of the human senses and created paintings. but i need some inspiration for the taste sense and sight.

    any suggestions on what i could do?

    large oil paintings using lots of colour.

  10. Dave Reply:

    I’m currently involved with a work-out routine with milk and meat being staples in my diet, but this is definitely something I want to try. I heard of people experiencing an increase in all areas of the natural human senses. Is that really true?

  11. Asking Questions Reply:

    Are there any interesting (or fun) facts about the human senses of smell and taste?

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