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How do Muscle Cells Make Muscles Move

You may have such questions as How Do Skeletal Muscles Move Bones and What Is A Muscle Cell,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are Muscle Cells. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Causes Muscles to Move,too. Read more as following:

Muscle Cells require a signal from the brain via nerve cells in order to make muscles move. The nerve cell releases acetylcholine onto the receptors of the muscle cell, which causes sodium to flow into the cell, which triggers a contraction. Smooth muscle, or involuntary muscle, does not necessarily rely on these electrical signals, and cardiac muscle has a special property where a signal to one cell might set off a contraction in many cells nearby, which is very helpful for pumping blood.

How do skeletal muscles move bones?

Bones and muscles work like ropes and levers. The muscles can only pull against the bone not push it. So to bend your arm at the elbow, the bicep pulls the lower arm up. To streighten your arm, the tricep pulls the lower arm back out. the muscles hav... More »

What is a Muscle Cell?

A muscle cell is a long contractile cell that forms muscles in the body. The three types of muscle cells are striated, cardiac, and smooth muscle tissue.... More »

What are Muscle Cells?

Muscle cells are the cells that make up our muscles. They are specialized cells that have fibers in them that contract as you move. This contraction causes the cell to change shape. The two types of muscle cells are smooth and cardiac.You can find mo... More »

How do Muscles Move?

Muscles move through contractions. The contractions occurs when cells shrink and pull on ligaments. This allows for movement in the body as well as movement in your heart muscle.... More »

How do Muscles Move Bones?

Muscles move bones by pulling them in the direction necessary to achieve the action. Muscles do not have the ability to push and therefore muscles that aren't pulling are resting.... More »

What does a muscle cell look like?

There are three different types of muscle cells and they all have there own appearance. Their is the striated muscle, the smooth muscle and the cardiac muscle. The different shapes of the muscle cells is what allows the different movements each muscl... More »


  1. Agar Reply:

    I dont know why a muscle cell can depolarize, or is it only in the cardiac muscle it does this. Plz explain. If its a special type of nueron I can understand.

    Thank you.

  2. Brad Reply:

    I have a pulled muscle in my right thigh.
    I got it yesterday at soccer conditioning and we’re having a game (just for fun) tonight at 7, another conditioning Tuesday the 12th, and then tryouts from 13-15! I need to get rid of it by Tuesday and should I go to the game if I can barely run?

  3. Loni Reply:

    I pulled a muscle in my calf today and it hurts really bad when I run. I have a basketball tryout tomorrow and I need it to be better. How can I do this? And I dont want to hear an answer like rest or just wait it out. I need help and now.

  4. Cat Lover…!!! Reply:

    Why is repolarization important for action potentials in muscle cells?

  5. Destry Reply:

    How is the structure of muscle tissue related to its function?

  6. Phil Reply:

    Why do intestines have muscle layers?> What are the main functions of the digestive system?

  7. Carlos Woodfork Reply:

    What is the diffrence between muscle knots and pinched nerve on the back?
    What is the dffrenece and what do each feel like and what do they do for them if you have either?

  8. Randi Reply:

    1.) ATP is needed to make muscle move ?
    2.) ATP is needed to break down fat in muscle tissues?
    3.) Both?

  9. Lorna Doom Reply:

    a. the muscle cell depolarizes
    b. calcium enters the muscle cell
    c. trypomyosin is moved out of the way of the myosin binding sites
    d. acetylcholine binds to the plasma membrane
    e. myosin and actin bridges form

  10. Best Advice Reply:

    Some cells like muscle cells of humans and root tip cells of plants have more Mitochondria compared to other cells. Why do you think these cells have more Mitochondria?

  11. Breanna Reply:

    If plants have no muscles then how do vines move?
    And why do they move slowly, is it because they don’t have brains?

  12. Winterrose Reply:

    In relating to muscle movement and contractions, whats the difference between those two?

    Is it just ATP is the actual energy source while ACh is the compound that sends the signal to the muscle cells to move, which causes the ATP to activate?


  13. Lily Grain Reply:

    What is the function of the cell in a muscle cell, and what features allow the cell to perform these functions?

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