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How do Viruses Infect the Human Body

You may have such questions as What Is An Antiviral Substance Produced In The Human Body By Virus Infected Cells and What Modes Could Viruses And Bactaria Infect The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Part Of The Human Body Does Anthrax Infect. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

The virus infects the human body by attaching itself to the kind of cell that it attacks which is the host cell. After it enters the cell it begins to make identical viruses from the cell’s protein.

What is an antiviral substance produced in the human body by virus infected cell...

The virus cells produce anitbodies which cause monera to spread to trees and animals alike accordingly MTV and the producers must insist that noone attempt to recreat or reenact these sentences.... More »

What modes could viruses and bactaria infect the human body?

uncategorized.... More »

What part of the human body does anthrax infect?

If you become subjected to cutaneous anthrax, the bacterium has entered your skin either through a cut or sore. According to the Mayo Clinic, a cutaneous anthrax infection is the most common form of the disease. This type of infection is less serious... More »

How do viruses infect humans?

When a virus happens to collide with a cell that it can infect, it inserts its genome in the host cell and then the infected cell is then directed to make more viruses.... More »


  1. Meatplosion Reply:

    What is the role of enzymes in biological systems? What is their importance? Give two or three examples of important enzymes and how they are used in the human body.

    I can’t seem to find this anywhere, any help would be great.

  2. Paulina Reply:

    Viruses can be considered living or non living.

  3. K-o-e Reply:

    If Staphyloccus Aureus entered the body in food for the second time in a victim’s life, would the body be immune and the bacteria have no effect?

  4. Trueblood Reply:

    example your rinking with a friend that is infected in the same glass.. adn he/she has a cut or any wounds in the mouth.. there is a possibility that his/her blood can go to the glass how long the virus can stay alive outside the human body.?

  5. Tom Brady Reply:

    Some say that the virus dies at once if is out of a host. Then how come people who recieved blood transfusion got infected from donated blood ? Shouldn’t the virus dies fast in donated blood since it is out of a human body ?

  6. Ss Reply:

    I know that HIV cannot be spread through food. However, if let us say that a person with HIV positive cuts himself n drop the blood into the food he is preparing, can we be infected by the food? n if he cooks the food, will the virus die?n how long does the virus can live outside human body?

  7. Music Man Reply:

    AND, how does it work by “infecting” it, because a computer is not like the human body.


  8. Cat Lover…!!! Reply:

    The human body gets new blood cells every 90 or so days.I know that selenium acts as a birth control pill to the hep-c virus and so does grapefruit juice.If you can stop the virus from being able to infect any new cells then wouldn’t they die along with the cells they are living in?

  9. Masoami Reply:

    I’ve read many times that the HIV virus only lives for about 8-20 minutes outside the human body. If that’s true, how the hell did people get infected with HIV from blood transfusions? Makes no sense.

  10. Teehan Western Reply:

    I know what the symptoms are, but what does the virus actually do inside the human body? Web links would be appreciated. Thanks!

  11. Angie Brown Reply:

    is there a virus -that’s known so far- that could make WBC useless? i.e. HIV virus
    And how do that virus penetrate human body and infect human?

  12. Rika Reply:

    I know that both envelope and naked viruses infect cells through either endocytosis or spike attachment. Or from what ive heard they inject.. My question is though, is what is the most common method they enter human cells? If so how do they withstand our stomach/digestion.

  13. Omar Reply:

    For example, influenza viruses infect aquatic birds but it doesn’t replicate well in the human body. But if the virus goes from these birds to pigs and then to humans, the transmission is facilitated.

    Answer only if you think you know. No dumb answers please.

  14. Tnman Reply:

    I want to know the difference between virus in computer and in human body. Please define me.

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