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How does Mitosis Affect the Human Body

You may have such questions as How Does Tobacco Affect The Human Body and How Does Diabetes Affect The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Alcohol Affect The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Mitosis is the process of cell division that occurs in the body. It affects the human body because this process is responsible for cell replication that is vital for tissue formation.

How does Tobacco Affect the Human Body?

Tobacco causes stains on your teeth and will also give you bad breath. The nicotine affects your brain, and can cause headaches. Smoking increases heart rate and your blood pressure. It also damages your lungs and reduces blood flow to the muscles. F... More »

How does Diabetes Affect the Human Body?

Diabetes affects the human body by changing the way that it processes insulin, making the levels irregular. People that deal with this must regulate their insulin with pills, diet, or injections.... More »

How does Alcohol Affect the Human Body?

Alcohol affects the human body in many ways. The human body is an organ unique in itself. Depending your height, weight, age and other medical conditions drinking alcohol is bad in large amounts. Be vary careful before consuming to much. One more not... More »

How does Drugs Affect the Human Body?

It depends on the type of drug that it is. If it is what is referred to as an "upper" or something that speeds up the body, long term use could cause heart damage. Keep in mind that your liver is a filter, so any drug that you take, legal or not, can... More »

How does Caffeine Affect the Human Body?

Caffeine affects the human body by basically giving it a jump start. Caffeine makes your heart beat faster. You feel more awake. Too much caffeine can cause you to be jittery, and eventually crash.... More »

How does Smoking Affect the Human Body?

Smoking affects the human body by destroying the lungs, throat, and esophagus. It makes teeth and nails turn yellow and it makes hair smell. It can cause wrinkles in the body. Everyone should quit!... More »


  1. Tabitha Mars Reply:

    Mitosis.Mitosis is the process in which you are born.It is the growth of cells and prepares for DNA replication.Mitosis maintains a constant amount of genetic material.

  2. Im In 7th grade Reply:

    Mitosis.Mitosis is the process in which you are born it is the growth of cells and preparation for DNA replication.Mitosis maintains a constant amount of genetic material.Mitosis helps fight off bad things we put into our bodies by dividing into two cells.Diving into two cells is also good for tissue formation.

  3. Tobias Reply:

    1. what affect does fertilisation have on the chromosome number of the cell?

    2. chromosome copies are made before mitotic cell division so that…?

    3. two organs in the human body where cell division occurs by mitosis are…?

    4. two reasons for body cells to divide are… ?

  4. Samantha Reply:

    I’ve never heard of a young person getting lung cancer, and when I search google they seem to define a young patient as in their thirties. Is it possible to get it in your twenties? I’m 24 and have been smoking for about 7 years. Time to stop, I know, I’m getting very scared…

  5. Katy Wagner Reply:

    Red blood cells undergo mitosis at a rate of almost 2.5 million per second, while nerve cells, once formed, seldom undergo mitosis. Explain why this might be and how this affect the human body.


  6. Dhrumil Barot Reply:

    He is 15 and he is starting Tuesday. He has already had the tumor removed and had some sort of pump surgically placed in his chest. I’m not sure how to comfort him either…

  7. Lovelyasalways Reply:

    I just wanted to know if a Y chromosome could be implanted into an XX baby or somethin to get identical twins of opposite sexes

    If so describe the occurence or process(optional :P)

  8. Dtourond Reply:

    please dont say i dont know

  9. Someone… Reply:
  10. K Krazy Reply:

    I have homework due monday please hurry up with the answer.

    so i need to know what affects the growth and reproduction of cells

  11. Smh Reply:

    Use the terms chromosome number, haploid, and diploid in your answer.

  12. Jason K Reply:

    I’ve looked at my book and other questions and answers but i’m having a hard time understanding this. A short and easy-to-understand answer is appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Wrx Reply:
  14. Jessica Schmid Reply:

    I am so confused. Does Meiosis have to do with sexual reproduction? What does Mitosis have to do with? Does it have to with repair of cells? Can someone tell me in simple terms so I can understand. Thanks.

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