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How does Spinach Grow

You may have such questions as How To Grow Spinach and Where Does Spinach Come from,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Grow Malabar Spinach. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Spinach Dip,too. Read more as following:

Spinach grows above ground just like any other plant. In order for it to grow in abundance you must be able to take care of it and provide nurture.

How to grow spinach?

1. The first step in learning how to grow spinach, you will need to assemble the following materials: compost makers, pruners, fertilizer, fish emulsions, garden spades and trowels, floating row covers, mulch, shovels, limes, plants and spinach seeds... More »

Where does spinach come from

Spinach comes from a central and southwestern Asian gene center whe... ...MORE...... More »

How to grow malabar spinach?

1. Plant Malabar spinach each year if you reside in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 9. This plant cannot reseed itself in areas that have freezing temperatures during the year. 2. Select a planting site in full sun with... More »

How to grow asian spinach?

1. Start amaranth when frost lifts in spring and soil temperatures reach 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds of this sensitive plant won't germinate and grow in cooler temperatures. Set out a planting site that gets four to six hours of daily sun and go... More »

How to grow spinach hydroponically?

1. Fill the growing pods with non-soil growing foundations like peat moss, fern matter, gravel, perlite or vermiculite. Hydroponic gardens avoid weeds, pests and mess with these tidier non-soil foundations. 2. Plant one spinach seed in each pod, to g... More »

How to grow spinach in heat?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd. And this is how to grow spinach in heat. Growing spinach in the hot weather can be a bit of a challenge. But there are things that you can do to help keep your spinach happy and growing, thri... More »


  1. Axesmellsgr8 Reply:

    I over plucked them a month ago, maybe longer. They grew back a little bit but they look weird and school starts in 10 days. I really need a way to make them grow back fast. I dont want to buy vitamins or castor oil or any kind of oil. I have olive oil, thats all. Any tips. Please?

  2. Vξu§ ♀ Reply:

    How do I grow lettuce to save money for my family, but how do I even start?

  3. Loving~mu~amor Reply:

    i wanted to know if you gan grow tomato’s or any other veggies in the winter?
    in the window or under a light?

  4. Kristian Reply:

    Wondering how deep my pots should be to allow for root growth. I’ve already read that spinach prefers high humidity but couldn’t find info on depth.

  5. Bigg Reply:

    I have to do a project where I grow my own crops that humans can consume for my science class. What are some good crops that grow during the fall/winter in Arizona?

  6. Agar Reply:

    no greenhouse, no artificial heat. Tell me what you grew, and the coldest temperature it could tolerate.

    i have grown spinach and if properly hardened off it could take a hard freeze down to 20 degrees F!

  7. Jeraco Reply:

    I’m planning to grow a garden in my backyard, and I am wondering what plants grow best during fall in Phoenix Arizona. Thanks!

  8. Xai Reply:

    There’s a shaded spot under the canopy of my avocado tree, and I was wondering if I can grow any vegetables there, and if so, which vegetables?

  9. Chelsea Hoadley Reply:

    I want to grow vegetables in containers or pots. I need advice on what types of veggies grow best in pots and what size pots to use. I also do not know what type of soil to use, I though of mixing dirt and fertilizer?

  10. Danicalifornia Reply:

    I’d like to plant some spinach and chard now and hope for a harvest over the winter. Is this possible in Virginia? Virginia is in zone 7 btw. I’d like to plant right away if this is the case. Are nurseries the best places to find seeds or do I need to order?

  11. Boby Reply:

    will it grow?
    i’m growing a food plot for deer and it don’t say the temp it can grow it just says spring thaw.

  12. Zion Reply:

    My mom wants to grow spinach in her backyard garden but she doesn’t know what time of the year she should plant the seeds. Can I please get some help here? :)

    Also, we live in New Orleans so it’d be great if I could get the cultivation time most suitable for here.

  13. Larreh Reply:

    We have cherry tomatoes, beans, spinach, and mizuna growing in a potter and clay pots, and notice that the animals are eating the leaves of the plants. It’s still early in the season, and I’d like to maintain healthy plants.

  14. Manasa Reply:

    I really like spinach but i always ask question about my food,not picky though.

  15. Hibah Reply:

    It’s winter in year 2 and i’ve completed daren’s rainbow but i cant catch a rock lobster. Somebody said you need to do collin’s rainbow too. Is that true? + What season does spinach grow in.?

  16. Mindy Reasor Reply:

    My friend sold me some spinach trees for about $100 and I was hoping to get the most out of them. So far only apples have been growing(I’ve had them for about a year) but no spinach or carrots, like he said. Does anyone know how to make the carrots and/or spinach grow,

  17. Brynn Reply:

    I need it in a percent. Not how much of the nation’s spinach California grows, how much spinach California grows is sold to its consumers.

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