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How Many Births Occurred in 2002

You may have such questions as How Multiple Births Occur and Why Do Multiple Births Occur,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many People Were Born on the Mayflower. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Number of Births in 2002,too. Read more as following:

There were a whole lot of little babies born in the year 2002. To be exact, there were four million twenty two thousand babies born that year. A little trivia is that 13 percent were born in California.

How Multiple Births Occur?

Many multiple births occur naturally. These are usually twins, and rarely triplets. Other multiple births of 4 or more children are a result of IVF, or invitro fertilization.... More »

Why Do Multiple Births Occur?

Definition A birth becomes a multiple birth when more than one infant is delivered. The most common of the multiple births occurs with twins. Twins account for around 95 percent of multiple births, according to the March of Dimes website. Other multi... More »

How many people were born on the Mayflower voyage?

1 person born.... More »

How Many People Died on the Mayflower?

There alot of people that got sick on the Mayflower. There were two people that actually died on the ship. One was a young servant named William Butten, and the other one was a sailor and his name was not recorded. Many more died once the ship landed... More »


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