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How Many Muscles in Our Body

You may have such questions as How Many Muscles Do We Have In Our Body and How Do Muscles Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Smallest Muscle In The Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Muscle Diagram,too. Read more as following:

There are more than 600 muscles that are in our body. These include the skeletal muscles, the smooth muscles and the cardiac muscles. The smooth muscles are usually involuntary and they are found in places such as the stomach and the bladder.

How many muscles do we have in our body

There are about 650 muscles in your body. Some of the more importan... ...MORE...... More »

How do muscles work?

Some muscles, like the muscles in your heart and digestive system, are involuntary. They work by themselves without you consciously telling them to do anything. Other muscles are voluntary, meaning you order them to move. Both types of muscles are co... More »

What is the Smallest Muscle in the Body?

The stapedius is the smallest muscle in our body at 1.27 millimeters long. It is responsible for controlling the stirrup bone in the ear.... More »

What is the Biggest Muscle in the Body?

The biggest single muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus or buttocks but the biggest muscle group is quadriceps femoris, which is the muscle in the thigh. Of course, there are some serious body builders that have really made a challenge of which... More »

What is the Largest Muscle in the Body?

The largest muscle in the human body would be the gluteus maximus. This is one ofthe muscles that makes up the behind or the butt. This muscle is one of three that does have the make up of the butt.... More »

What is the Longest Muscle in the Body?

The longest muscle in the body is the Sartorius muscle. This muscle runs the line from your hip to your knee. With it we can rotate and cross our legs. ... More »


  1. Jennifer Reply:

    I’m told the low back muscles hold emotions related to money. I’d like to find out where other emotions are held in our bodies.

  2. Scorpio Reply:

    what’s the length of the longest sensory neuron in our body?

    what is the average length of the motor neurons? what is the length of the longest motor neuron?

  3. Beemd Reply:

    I know i laugh all the time about dumb things but what occurs in our bodies that causes this to happen??

  4. Tom Brady Reply:

    Where is the longest capillary present in our body? Are there any complications because of this?

  5. Sarah Elizabeth Grac3 Keating Reply:

    I have a biology test friday and I’ve been looking up the answers to a study guide but I cant find it. Please can someone tell me some energy conversions going on in our body?

  6. Mamman07 Reply:

    I know water is good, who doesn’t but what does it exactly do to our bodies?

  7. Taofeek Bamidele Reply:

    How does it know for example what temperature our body is at?


  8. Fairportspurs Reply:

    All I have been able to find is that: The longest neuron in our body goes from our head to our toe.

  9. Lexi Reply:

    hey, for a year now i have been working out and gaining muscle. but still i have one question. how EXACTLY do i gain this muscle ? i know its something about muscle tear and it being replaced, but what exactly goes on in our body that makes you gain muscle.

  10. One Lost In The Crowd. Reply:

    Like in a human body, our legs and our muscles help to propel our body forward in space, but how do enzymes in chemical reactions move to their specified location? What is their driving force?

  11. Tommytom Reply:

    I know that muscles contract in order to move our body parts, but if I flex my biceps for example, why doesn’t my arm move? So if the muscles being flexed are the same muscles that contract to cause movement, than why doesn’t my arm move when I flex my muscles? What’s really going on?

  12. Dovepaw Picklo Reply:

    This is for my Sport BTEC assignment, I’m quite stuck on it and Google doesn’t really help at the moment. The assignment is basically just about the muscles in our body…

  13. Tiddlypeep Reply:

    To be more especific.When we work out,our bodies repair all the muscles when we are sleeping.So if I have about 3 to 4 meals a day rich in protein and low on sugar,does the body save up all this protein to use it to repair the muscles when I’m sleeping?

  14. Tia Reply:

    How do muscles work with other things in our bodies to keep us living/ alive?

  15. Livelovelaughrescue! Reply:

    Note that I do have a book for Human A&P but the names of all the muscles in our body are just too much for me to memorize and understand their function. Any good suggestions for me? I must learn this within a week. Thanks for any help

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