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How Many Pairs of Ribs do You have

You may have such questions as What Connects the Ribs to the Sternum and How Many Ribs Do Humans Have,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Ribs Do Pigs Have. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Amount of Ribs in Fetal Pig,too. Read more as following:

The amount of ribs that humans have in their body are 24 with basically 12 on each side. The first seven pairs of ribs that a human has are connected to the breastbone or the sternum.

What connects the ribs to the sternum?

Cartilage connects the ribs to the sternum.... More »

How many ribs do humans have?

Humans have 12 pairs of ribs which connect to the thoracic vertebrae and form your rib cage.... More »

How many ribs do pigs have?

Pigs actually have between 13 and 17 pairs, although most have 14 or 15 pairs.Thanks for C...... More »

How many pairs of ribs do humans have?

humans have 12 pairs of ribs which connect to the thoracic vertebrae... More »

How many ribs do people have?

Both men and women have 12 pairs of ribs. Your ribs come in pairs, the left and right si...... More »

How many pairs of ribs are there?

12 pairs... More »


  1. Jacqueline Reply:

    The shirt is black and white striped with black lace around the rib cage area.
    Thanks! If you want to add more ideas than the skirt you can. :)

  2. Pandaloverz Reply:

    Prime rib with au jus,cream cheese stuffed mushrooms,arugula salad just with oil,lemon juice salt and pepper and for dessert a nice cake. So what easy veggie can I make to go with it? Or is the above enough

  3. Ophelia Butz Reply:

    How many ribs has a male human?

  4. Daniella Reply:

    My fried has 1 more pair.

  5. Ataru Moroboshi Reply:

    So my sister gave me that gorgeous pair of mint green jeans and I like it a lot. Problem is that I am not sure what to wear with it and which colour to wear. Will you help me out with this please? If possible suggest accesories, hairstyle and shoes that will match the jeans. Thanks :)

  6. Stephanie-anne Reply:

    For some reason I’ve been trying to count my cats ribs on one of his sides and every time I get to the filth and sixth rib the little bastard bites me which has made me even more curious now.
    I think I made it to 9 tonight before he bit me
    I think I made it to 9 tonight before he bit me tonight

  7. Tonnar Reply:

    I am going to make one of them for Christmas dinner but not sure which one yet, and needed some ideas. and suggestions on what to pair it with?
    Thanks, but that is no help at all.

  8. Arely Diaz Reply:

    How many ribs you girls have? How many ribs do boys have?

  9. Damon Reply:

    I noticed all american people love the famous ribs with bbq sauce….can someone please give me the recipy( i mean the way you cook them) for the most delicious ribs and if u can also the sauce?

  10. Serenityann Reply:

    I’ve got a few racks of ribs in the smoker for dinner for 5 tonight (and dear Lord does it smell amazing) and am trying to decide what side dishes/appetizers to prepare that go well with ribs. Any ideas?

  11. Lauren Evans Reply:

    I have been trying to find out how many ribs a man has and how many a woman has.

    Please if you know of a wed site which gives this information I would be very grateful.
    Never thought to google “rib cage” can you tell I’m new to this computer thing?

  12. Leela Reply:

    This is not me asking, by the way. I don’t mean your whole ribcage, I mean, say, when two pairs of ribs are some way visible.
    The average person in a developed country is either overweight or obese, actually.

  13. Soccerbaby Reply:

    My family is having a gathering to celebrate my grandparents anniversary, I plan on ordering ribs and I was just wondering, besides beer and wine what pairs well with ribs?

  14. I Feel Better Reply:

    My friend’s a doctor and apparently someone came into A&E worried because he had the same amount of pairs of ribs as his wife….i PMSL!

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