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How Many Vertebrae are There in the Human Body

You may have such questions as Where Are The Vertebrae In A Human Body and What Is The Largest Vertebrae In The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Are Vertebrae Necessary For The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

There are thirty-three vertebrae in the human body if you include the vertebrae located in both the neck and the back. People have the same number of neck vertebrae that giraffes have.

Where are the vertebrae in a human body?

The spine is made up of vertebrae.... More »

What is the largest vertebrae in the human body?

That would be the sacral bone or sacrum, composed of 5 vertebrae fused together. However, if you are looking for non-fused, individual vertebrae, then the lower lumbar vertebrae are the largest.... More »

Why are vertebrae necessary for the human body?

The vertebrae of the vertebral column (backbone or spine) serve two primary functions. First, they protect the spinal cord from injury; damage to the spinal cord often results in partial or complete paralysis depending upon the location and severity... More »

What is the smallest vertebrae in the human body?

Inner ear.... More »

Where is a vertebra located in the human body?

The vertebrae make up the spine, which is located in the middle (horizontally) of the back and runs from the base of the skull down to the tailbone.... More »

What separates the vertebrae in the human body?

intervertebral discs.... More »


  1. James M Reply:

    im doing a project at school to compare a owl skeletal to a humans also the adaptation to the world. almost like an anatomy.

  2. Johanna White Reply:

    What improvements do you think can be made to the human body and or systems that would be more beneficial to us? 😉

  3. Ric Reply:

    How much of the Kidneys are covered by the ribs?
    How far down in the abdomen do they go?

  4. Martina Reply:

    Describe the adult vertebral column, including the number of vertebrae in each region, and the formation of the spinal curvatures. Does the adult vertebral column have the same number of vertebrae as a teenager? Explain.

  5. Concerned Owner Reply:

    on various parts of the body?
    such as in a car crash.

  6. Karen B Reply:

    I have heard the scapula, xiphoid process, first rib, and occipital. What is it really?

  7. Cruise Control. Reply:

    Biologically speaking

    As a side note, I heard that only humans and some primates females have a period- do other mammals have a menstrual cycle that happens in a different way?

  8. Ihugrainbows Reply:

    What all does the notochord persist as in the adult human? One is the nucleus pulposus. What are the other remnants, if any?

  9. Joey Reply:

    i am doing my homework and I need to find 4 similarities. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    and before you ask, i am asking this becausing i am doing work on the human body.
    plz add no stupid answers as this is due tomoz. if u give me at least 3 good facts, i will rate it best answer!!`

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    describe and explain two ways in which the human body may be adversely affected as a result of prolonged period in no or low gravity.

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    it can be any part of the human body, inside or out. whoever can answer this i will award 10 points. please,please help me……

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    Looking for the blood pressure switch found on the human body.

  13. Bob Reply:

    What part of the human body is this statement likely to be refering to?

  14. Brad Reply:

    if its possible,what would be its effect on the human body??
    Thank you everyone for answers!!

  15. Jason Reply:

    Since he no longer needed to live in a human body?

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    What are some examples from the human body that are not intelligently designed?

    I know of the appendix. What other organs or functions are products of evolution that do not serve us well?

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