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Is E Coli Resistant to Penicillin

You may have such questions as What Causes E Coli and Is E Coli Contagious,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Does E Coli Come from. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to E Coli Poisoning Symptoms,too. Read more as following:

Penicillin is currently effective against most strains of E. Coli. However, a strain that produces extended-spectrum beta-lactamases has proven nearly immune to penicillin and its derivatives. Resistance to antibiotics has increased due to misuse of antibiotics in animal feed.

What Causes E Coli?

E coli is a bacteria that is found in the intestines of humans and animals. Generally e coli pathogens can spread by failing to wash hands before and after preparing foods. It can also be spread by failing to wash hands properly after using the rest... More »

Is E. Coli contagious?

E Coli is a naturally occuring bacteria in the intestinal tract and in fact you can't live without it. There are different strains of this bacteria however some produce mild syptoms to life threatening ones. It isn't contagious as long as you wash yo... More »

Where does E Coli Come from?

E Coli comes from fecal contamination. It is normally found in the water that is around the areas that have alot of farm animals and also birds and things. When the water is running off into the fields it can carry the bacteria.... More »

How is E Coli Spread?

E-Coli is spread through improper cleaning. For example, if you have raw chicken on your counter and do not clean the counter after, that can spread E-Coli. It is also spread from not washing your hands after handling raw meats.... More »

How is e coli transmitted?

E.coli is found in sources like food, water, animals or humans.It gets transmitted through direct contact with animals or from touching something that has been infected by their feces.... More »


  1. Keita Reply:
  2. Moushi Moushi Reply:

    Streptomycins affect compared to penicillin effect. Really confused. On e.coli

  3. Kelleygaither2000 Reply:

    Are they controlling the way that medicine is practice? Is every patient waiting for that super pill to make them healthy?

  4. Anon Reply:
  5. Taofeek Bamidele Reply:

    why can’t they make a vaccine to build resistance to these bacteria? I was told that the strains do not mutate like viruses do (cold/flu/noro etc)
    well good for you that you are not worried but some people are.

    get over yourself.

  6. Lakeland Reply:

    wow.. I didn’t ask for your life story……

    I’m doing a paper, and to be honest, the last post was actually the most helpful. lol.

  7. Tasha Reply:

    what characteristics are predicted by whether a bacterium retains the gram stain?

  8. Nicholas Gandhi Reply:
  9. Bryce Reply:

    I need help on what it means, I have an exam next week it6ss KS3/GCSE so please provide child-friendly answers! Thanks :)

  10. Mariah Giles Reply:

    What to do? I have dressing on my wound with antibiotics, so it is covered. I am taking orally Bactrim too. How long will I be contagious?

  11. Fatoum Reply:

    And if no, will I have to wait for my prescription to run out before I get the right ones for the UTI?

  12. Jessi Reply:
  13. Orville Reply:

    as above. pls do not give wikipedia..

    How does the above antibiotics work on the human body?

  14. Haryr Cool Reply:

    We did an experiment in class, every group in the class found that tetracycline was more effective than streptomycin in inhibiting growth of E coli. Could it have been because the particular strain of e coli we used may have had a resistance to streptomycin?

  15. Emily From Ny Reply:

    In our biology lab we grew E. Coli (non-dangerous strain) and placed different antibiotic disks in the Petri dish. The E.Coli grew right next to the penicillin. Why didn’t the antibiotic work?

  16. Cm93 Reply:

    Hi, I did an experiment where we tested e.coli and the effect of certain antibiotics on the growth of bacteria. But the ampicillin and penicillin used in my test did not work – are these antibiotics supposed to kill bacteria?

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