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What is Trans Fat in Foods

You may have such questions as What Foods Are Trans Fatty Acids Found in and What Foods Contain Trans Fats,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Foods Have Trans Fats. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Foods High in Trans Fat,too. Read more as following:

Trans fats are mostly a man made substance. Trans fats are unsaturated fats with a trans-isomer fatty acid. Trans fats are created as a product of hydrogenation. This process introduces hydrogen to oil to make it more shelf stable.

What Foods Contain Trans Fats?

Foods that contain Trans Fats are Spreads like Margarine, Packaged Foods, Soups, Fast food, Cookies and Cake. Also it is in Donuts and Frozen food.... More »

What Foods have Trans Fats?

When it comes to foods that are good for your body, trans fats belong in the dog house. Unlike unsaturated fats, trans fats raise your "LDL" or bad cholesterol. Many foods you buy at the grocery store or order at a restaurant contain trans contain tr... More »

How are Trans Fats Made?

Trans fats are made by man and they are made in a process in order to add hydrogen and hydrogenate the fat. they are not saturated fats, but they are worse than that because they are man made.... More »

What is Trans Fat in Foods

Trans fat is bad! Trans fats are created in an industrial process when making certain types of foods. This process adds hydrogen to the liquid vegetable oil to make them less liquid. Ex. have you ever bought "natural" peanut butter and oil is collect... More »

How to avoid food with trans fat?

1. Probably the most famous trans fat culprit is the french fry. French fries and potato chips are often fried in partially hydrogenated oils (code name for trans fat). If you are craving french fries, try cutting fresh potatoes (sweet potatoes are b... More »


  1. Tenasia Reply:

    I stopped at a fast food place and ate a burger without the bread and realized it has trans fats. Will this slow down the induction phase?

  2. Brittney Reply:

    Many processed foods are now being advertised as being free of “trans” fats. What is fat? What is the difference between saturated, unsaturated (mono- & poly-), and trans fats? Which kind(s) of fat(s) should you attempt to minimize in your diet? Why? Explain.

  3. Bilal Reply:

    Why are BLACK neighborhoods being exploited by ASIANS and MEXICANS invading your borders, convenient stores, and fast food restaurants? ASIANS are pumping liquor and lottery tickets, while MEXICANS are pumping in trans fat fast foods. Why are you WHITE HUMANS doing this BLACK HUMANS?

  4. Carmen Reply:

    … because i just tasted my first bag of “no trans fat” cool ranch doritos, and they seem to taste a bit lighter than the old ones. am i imagining this, or can you really taste the difference?

  5. Liv Reply:

    Just wondering because so many people are becomming obsessed with not having it, foods advertise “no trans fat”, and I’ve heard they’re making it….illegal?

  6. Maddieboo Reply:

    and in what order should i list the topics i should talk about,such as how trans fats are formed,its dangers,what foods have trans fat.

  7. Neel Reply:

    Places like MC donalds, KFC, dunkin donuts and soon BK are taking trans fats out of certain foods. Does this mean they are a healthier choice now or does it mean very little?

  8. Madi Critchfield Reply:

    She doesn’t think it is bad for you. I have tried to tell her, and she has heard from other people, but she doesn’t listen. She’ll buy donuts which have 4 grams trans fat each and eat 3. I’m the only one in my family who is concerned about it.

  9. Cute Reply:

    I heard that several years ago the major fast food chains (Burger King, McDonalds, etc.) were eliminating trans fat oils from their foods. Yet if you check the nutrition info high amounts of trans fat are still there. Also, they still use partially hydrogenated oils despite this declaration.

  10. Becca Reply:

    im doing a persuasive essay on banning trans fats in fast-food, and other food delivering services, and saying that its bad for you, and there are healthier options. what is you perspective (for or against me) and what are some key points you might like to hear in a persuasive essay about it?

  11. Kelsey Peyton Reply:

    I have to label the trans fat of different foods as hydrolyzed or partially hydrolyzed for a project in my principles of nutrition class. I’m not quite sure how to determine that by looking at food labels.

  12. Hannah Sheppy Reply:

    Examples of trans fats and what foods have a lot in?

  13. Lossera Reply:

    I have the whole summer and i’m thinking of having this in my diet. But will staying away from trans fat and hydrogenated foods can help you lose weight? Or are there more i have to keep watch in those food labels?

  14. Aline Reply:

    i don’t want any trans fat in my dietary meals, so can you please list some foods that don’t include any trans fat besides fruits and vegetables? i’m having a very hard time with trans fat free foods mainly for snacks.

  15. Korn Reply:

    Please answer this question: Why do chemists and food processers put trans fat into foods if they are so bad for us?
    I don’t want a solution I just want reason why they put it into their products.

  16. Marie Reply:

    What makes trans-fat foods so tasty?

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