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Where are Hinge Joints Found

You may have such questions as Where Are Hinge Joints Found and Where Is The Hinge Joint Found,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Is The Hinge Joint Found In The Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Where Are Hinge Joints Located in the Body,too. Read more as following:

Hinge joints can be found in a number of places on the body. The largest hinge joint found in the body is at the knee. Other examples of hinge joints found in the fingers and at the knuckles. The shoulders and ankles are also classified as hinge joints.

Where are hinge joints found?

Hinge joints only allow movement in one direction and are found in the human body in the knees, elbows, fingers and toes. The knee is the body's largest hinge joint and swivels on its axis. Source: Innerbody: Hinge Joints. Innerbody: Human Joints. Mi... More »

Where is the hinge joint found?

The jaw or elbow would be examples.... More »

Where is the hinge joint found in the body?

A great questions i remember back in anatomy i had trouble telling which joints were which also. and example of a hinge joint would be the elbow or the knee. hinge joins only move on one plane (ex you can bring your arm up at your elbow but you can b... More »

Why do you think they are called hinge joint?

Think of a hinge on a door. They allow the door to open and close based on that one hinge. Door hinges do not allow the door to pivot or move in any direction besides open/close or front/back. The same holds true for hinge joints. In your elbow or kn... More »

Where hinge joint is a type found in?

an example of a hinge joint is the knee or elbow... More »

What is a Hinge Joint?

A hinge joint is any joint that permits action to hinge and which there is no appreciable separation of adjacent members. It allows motion to bend and reach within your body.... More »


  1. Lilly Reply:

    I keep drawing a blank. I’m sure there are tons of things but I get mixed with the ball and socket and hinge when I try to find the above. Please help explain if you can.

  2. Moshey Reply:

    or maybe where can i find the different kind of joints?
    and what kind of joint is an elbow?

  3. Jessi Reply:

    I am looking for a particular hinge, a European Lift off Hinge, 123 x 84 mm. I have been trying to locate this hinge for the past two weeks and no luck. If anyone can give me any leads on where I can find this, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  4. April A Reply:

    a. ball and socket
    b. hinge
    c. pivot
    d. saddle
    e. none of the above

  5. Hl Reply:

    and what kind of joint is the thumb?

  6. Hannah (dog Lover) Reply:

    I know hemophilia is a blood disorder that prevents a person’s blood from clotting and that a symptom is spontaneous joint bleeds but i have yet to find a reason for this.

  7. Melanthe Espia Reply:

    If there is one that only the skeletons were found, please tell me. And the one that was found actually swimming and alive.
    MKG, i meant the first fish that WE ever discovered. im not in the mood and i need this for a powerpoint

  8. Yasha Reply:

    Suppose I want to make something like the moveable handles on a ski machine.

    I want to connect two long wooden handles to a wooden base and have them be able to move back and forth. What kind of movable joint or hinge do I buy at the hardware store for this? What would be the name of it?

  9. Her Mommy <3 Reply:

    I have to make models of all 3 types of joints (ball-and-socket, hinge, and pivot.) How should I go about doing this inexpensively and quickly?

    NOTE: I’m absoulutley not allowed to buy the models, so please don’t answer that.

  10. 15murad Reply:

    What kind of joint is found in the human knee?
    A. Hinge
    B. Ellipsoid
    C. Ball-and-socket
    D. Pivot

  11. Michael F Reply:

    We have an old china cabinet that has been in the family for a few generations, and i was curious to find more information about it. Where would i find the maker? I’ve looked everywhere without much luck. Help!

  12. Who Farted Reply:

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the knee joint?
    Example- Strength: Enables the body to move, is strong, is supportive
    Weakness: Is easily injured

    Any other suggestions?

  13. Sugun Reply:

    Could someone specify what type of joint they are e.g. ball and socket, and in the right order?

  14. Abinaya Reply:

    Are our fingers a ball-and-socket joint, a fixed joint, a hinge joint, a pivot joint or a gliding joint?

  15. Coolguy25 Reply:

    I know the different kinds of synovial joints i.e. plane joint, hinge joint, etc. but I need to find out which of the body major joints are synovial, and what they are name, i.e. glenohumeral joint, coxofemoral joint, and radiocarpal joint. What are the names of the other major ones in the body?

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