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Where can I Find Diagrams of the Nervous System

You may have such questions as How Does the Nervous System Work and What Is the Purpose of the Nervous System,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is A Diagram Of The Nervous System. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Parts of the Nervous System,too. Read more as following:

You can find diagrams of the nervous system by going to your local library and researching books on the subject. You will find all you need here or you could ask your doctor for one.

How does the Nervous System Work?

The nervous system works by millions of nerves that are on one end connected to the surface of your skin, and the other to your brain. When you feel pain, it tells your brain to let you know to check it out.... More »

What is the purpose of the nervous system?

To provide communication in the body, sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories and controls your reactions.... More »

What is a Diagram of the nervous system?

I believe you want to ask "what does a diagram of the nervous system look like?" But to answer both your literal question and what I think you are trying to ask. A diagram of the nervous system is basically a picture that shows and names different pa... More »

How to find a stop light system wiring diagram?

1. Visit 2. Scroll down the page to "Model T5W" and click the link. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the newly opened page and click the "Wiring Diagram" link. The wiring diagram will appear.... More »


  1. Anne Reply:

    Also could anybody describe how an impulse is propagated along a neuron and across a synapse?

  2. Basil8210 Reply:

    How should I exactly compare and contrast the two systems? this is for a homework project that has to be due by the end of this week.

  3. Ale Reply:

    I need as many notes on nervous system, but also tell me what question your notes would answer.

  4. Thomas Reply:

    so like, we’re put into groups, and then we have to trace a person from our group, and then we have to draw in the system…my group got assigned the nervous system..any suggestions, hints, and tips for drawing the nervous system?

  5. Derpina Reply:

    My teacher said that I have to draw a cartoon or diagram to explain why people watching a scary movie jump when they see something scary. She also said I have to show what happens in the nervous system and what happens in the hormonal system cleary, when somebody jumps.

  6. Rebekah Salt Reply:

    Please help! Does anyone know where could I find a site where there is a chart or diagram of the system of a dog especially the muscular, skeletal and nervous system? I desperately need it because it is for my dissection of the dog and I want to know so that I can have the advantage. Thanks!

  7. Girldragon Reply:

    what functions do they perform together in the body?
    show the diagram of endocrine and nervous system.

  8. Joo Reply:

    if you know please tell me? or if you could give me any sites id be happy. i also need skeletal system, respiratory system, and nervous system

  9. Bridget Reply:

    I have to do a biology project and my text book only gives one diagram of a neuron.

    I know that there are a ton of different parts to the nervous system so I was wondering if all the neurons still looked the same or similar?

  10. Larry Reply:

    I just need to know what controls hearing, is it the autonomic or somatic nervous system. And one more thing I need to know, how does the ear work? thanks :)

  11. Steeler Reply:

    Please help, I need a diagram showing the differences between a somatic and autonomic nervous system, but it keeps coming up with sympathetic and parasympathetic diagrams. Is it OK for me to use them instead of somatic and autonomic nervous system? thanks

  12. Satan Reply:

    I need drawings or diagrams of the muscular, reproductive, and nervous system of a fish. But please don’t send me links of the inside organs of a fish. I want a separate drawing for each one. Thanks.

  13. Zachary Fore Reply:

    I need it for a project due tomorrow. It needs to be a labelled diagram of the cricket nervous system. I’m not cheating by copying it or anything, I just need to look at it so I can draw it on a poster. Thanks! :)

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