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Where is DNA Stored in the Human Body

You may have such questions as Where Is Dna Located In The Human Body and Where Is The Dna In The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Information Does Human Dna Store. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Most DNA in the human body is stored inside the cell nucleus. The same DNA is stored in almost every cell in the human body. The mitochondria also stores some DNA.

Where is dna located in the human body?

Video Transcript. Have you ever heard the term DNA fingerprint? Well it's not like the fingerprints that your fingers actually leave behind that they used to dust for in the old detective movies. A DNA fingerprint is a new version of that. It's basic... More »

Where is the DNA in the human body?

DNA in the human body is located in the nucleus of each and every cell in the human body.... More »

How much information does human DNA store?

There are approximately 2.85 billion nucleotides (letters) on the human genome, or 2.85 Gigabases. If you represent each nucleotide with a 2bit code ( e.g. A=00 C=01 G=10 T=11) then you will have 5.7 Gigabits. Divide this by 8 to give the answer in B... More »

Where is DNA found in the human body?

the nucleus.... More »

Why is DNA is important in human body?

It contains the information necesary for your bodies uniqueness. Like the blueprints of a building.... More »

How is DNA used in the human body?

DNA is the genetic code for your body. DNA tells what color your hair is going to be or what skin pigment you will have-- how much melanin your skin will produce. It even tells what kind of nose you will have and what your lips will be like. It makes... More »


  1. Hannah<33 Reply:

    Could someone please help me with these science question?

    1. Describe what happens to DNA molecules during replication.

    2. How could it be possible that only four bases could result in an almost endless number of combinations of DNA?

    Thanks for the help :)

  2. Hayley Reply:

    In what material is the coded information of the cell stored?

  3. Angelica Reply:

    We all know we can recollect thoughts and memories from the past. For a computer hardrive information is stored as voltages and electrons. What about a human brain? What is the physical matter which our memories are composed of?

  4. John Doe Reply:

    This type of engineering caters to every aspect of the human body. It incorporates the electrical, mechanical, and various other aspects of the body.

  5. Ricky Southwell Reply:

    Detail it for me in a simplest possible way so that I can understand it better.

  6. Brooke Reply:

    I’m doing a project on The Human Genome Project and i need to know some specific discoveries of the Human Genome Project or any other helpful information! Thanks(:

  7. Toxic Reply:


  8. Sammycj111 Reply:

    What is their role in the human body, their purpose? Is DNA coiled tightly around them? How are they helpful towards the human body? Is it because they get copied, too?

    Thanks, I am very confused becuase of the whole nucleus/allele/dna/rna/chromosome thing and the order it goes in. x

  9. Tanya Reply:

    I’m finding it really difficult to understand how DNA stores information. How is genetic information different to information stored in a human or animals brain.

  10. Blummdum Ii Reply:

    Is there only one type of cell in the human body or is there many different types in a human body?

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