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Where is the Appendix Located in Human Body

You may have such questions as Where Is The Appendix Located In The Human Body and Where Is The Appendix In The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Is The Human Appendix Located. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

The appendix is in the lower quadrant of the body. It is on your right side. I had my appendix out years ago when having a tubal ligation after childbirth. It is a fairly small organ that is not needed in the body and can cause serious pain and infection if it becomes inflamed and ruptures.

Where is the appendix located in the human body?

The appendix is in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. It is near the junction between the small intestine and the large intestine. It comes off a pouch, the cecum, that lies at the intersection of the small and large intestine. The correspondin... More »

Where is the Appendix in the Human Body?

The appendix is normally found on the right side of the human body near the abdomen. It is a rare case when the appendix is on a different side or in a different place. Normally it is below the abdomen.... More »

Where is the Human Appendix Located?

The human appendix is located on the lower right side of the stomach or abdominal region. It is a finger-shaped tube or protrusion that projects from the large intestine. ... More »

Where is the Appendix Located in the Body?

The appendix is located on the right had side of the body. Just below the waist line.... More »

Where is a human appendix located in the body?

The Appendix is a worm-shaped appendage that sticks out from the top po...... More »

Where is the appendix in a human body located?

Attached to the first part of your large intestine... More »


  1. Madi Reply:

    flexor digitorom longus

    it doesnt appear 2 be there
    i have no body fat in leg and when i flex i see everything but that muscel!!!!!

  2. Derrick Reply:
  3. Cheryl C Reply:

    there are several things are bodies could do without…so why do we have them?

  4. Sophie:) Reply:
  5. Faith Reply:
  6. Iamapancake Reply:
  7. Marco Reply:

    My neice asked me this question and I didn’t really know the answer. So how come when people wake up, they always have this gunk on their eyes. What is it and where does it come from?

  8. The Lesser Child Reply:
  9. Hollie Reply:

    I was told it helped digest uncooked meat thousands of years ago, but still to this day i am not certian. James from Windsor

  10. Mindy Reasor Reply:

    and if it has no function why do we have it in our body?

  11. Nick Reply:
  12. Roxie Reply:

    Or is that a myth.

  13. Lia Reply:

    such as the appendix, or wisdom teeth.

  14. 02bof Reply:
  15. Curlyqsbabe Reply:

    Where and when does the resurrection take place? Why the unrighteous?
    @ light and truth. Where, when does the resurrection take place. Why the unrighteous?

  16. Ashlib Reply:

    I understand that the sleepy dirt in your eyes, when you wake up in the morning, is caused by a microscopic animal. Is this so? Is there a way to treat this so you will not have granules in the corner of your eyes in the morning?

  17. Crazypony’x Reply:

    I am just curious
    because a few of my friends had to have their appendix removed
    and all of them are fine now

    once again, i am just curious
    and no my appendix did not burst…
    that would be lame of me if it bursted and i was here on Y!A…..

    just curious

  18. Salem Thomas Reply:

    identify the eight organs of the immune system?

  19. I Feel Better Reply:

    Does the Human Appendix help in digesting Fruit and Vegetables ??

    Yes or No ?

  20. Emm Reply:

    What are some examples from the human body that are not intelligently designed?

    I know of the appendix. What other organs or functions are products of evolution that do not serve us well?

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