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Why do Onion Cells Not have Chloroplasts

You may have such questions as Why Are There No Chloroplasts In Onion Cells and Why There Were No Chloroplasts In The Onion Cells,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Are There No Chloroplasts In Onion Skin Cells. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Can You See Chloroplasts in the Onion Skin Cell,too. Read more as following:

From what I remember from biology class, onion cells do not contain chloroplasts because there are so many layers to the vegetable. These layers do not allow for chloroplasts to develop.

Why are there no chloroplasts in onion cells?

There are chloroplasts in the leaves of the onion plant, but the onion bulb that is eaten grows underground where it would be useless to have chloroplasts, because there is no light.... More »

Why there were no chloroplasts in the onion cells?

Onion cells are plant cells, so they do have chloroplasts. However, it is too small to see through a microscope. If this question is for homework, do not rely on that specific answer.... More »

Why are there no chloroplasts in onion skin cells?

b'cos the onion is in the underground , only it's leaves can get chloroplasts from the sun. gets mo?... More »

Why are there no chloroplasts in onion epidermal cells?

chloroplasts contain chlorophyll which help to make the food for the plant (glucose). An onion is a bulb, it is food storage for the actual onion plant, it doesn't make its own food so doesn't need chloroplasts *Chloroplasts are used for photosynthes... More »

Why are chloroplast not found in an onion cell?

chloroplasts contain chlorophyll which help to make food for the plant. The onion bulb is not exposed to the sunlight but it stores food for the plant.... More »

Why onion cell lack chloroplast?

Chloroplasts are most abundant in leaf cells. The green leaves and stems of an onion plant are normally exposed to daylight and have chloroplasts, while the cells in the onion bulb, which grows under the ground, has no need for chloroplasts.... More »


  1. Annoymous Reply:

    The choices are:

    A) the cell wall
    B) cytoplasm
    C) the cell membrane
    D) chloroplasts


  2. Taubra Reply:

    Specificly onion cells, while they are in the ground, do they still undergo photosynthesis? This is not for homework, but for a lab, and looked all over for the answer, and couldn’t find it…please help.

  3. Titanium Reply:

    Compare and contrast the elodea and onion cell. what do they hav in common? how do they differ and why?

  4. Aubrey Reply:

    Onions have boxy-cells, with curved sides and they are all connected. Is it possible that you can tell it’s a plant cell because other cells aren’t connected and aren’t .. boxy?

  5. Nyah Reply:

    Biology question.
    Why are the nucleus and chloroplasts located near the edge of the cell instead of the center of the cell?

  6. Soccerbaby Reply:

    and what does that difference tell you of the activity of food production in the onion cell?

  7. Canecoruso Reply:

    in what ways are the cheek cells different to the onion cells and hydrilla cells?

  8. Naginata Reply:

    Why would an onion cell be easier to label than a different cell such as a sprirogyra? (labeling nucleus, cytoplasm, etc)

  9. Reginald Reply:

    I did an experiment on cheek cell but NOT on onion cel.. So i was wondering if an onion cell has chloroplast?

  10. Brie Massacre Reply:

    If you were to look at a plant cell Vs. Onion cell what would be different about them?

  11. Anayely Reply:

    Are there chloroplasts in the onion cells? Why or Why not?

  12. Haryr Cool Reply:

    Why isn’t this organelle needed by the onion cells?
    Explain how these onion cells get energy nutrition (calories)

  13. Mountain Lion Reply:

    Could you tell me if you can identify onion cells as plant cells if they dont have chloroplasts?

  14. Katy Reply:

    I know that one of is cytoplast, what is the other one?

    And why don’t onion cells have chloroplasts?

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