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Why do Primates have Fingernails

You may have such questions as What Do Primates Eat and What Is a Prehensile Tail,or you may also seek several helpful information about Do Monkeys Have Opposable Thumbs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of Primates,too. Read more as following:

Primates have fingernails to protect their fingers. Fingernails have evolved from claws, we don’t need claws, but we do need strong fingers to grab and hold tools.

What do Primates Eat?

What a primate eat depends on the type of primate. Many of them eat meat and plants. Some will just eat fruit, leaves, insects, and larva. They prefer not to have to hunt animals for food, but they will if they have too.... More »

What is a prehensile tail?

A tail that has adapted to be able to grasp or hold things...... More »

Do monkeys have opposable thumbs?

Yes, almost all primates have opposable thumbs used for grasping things, especially tree branches, and picking up things. Humans, apes, and most monkeys have this type of thumb. Humans have more flexibility for manipulating small objects and they can... More »


  1. Priti Reply:

    Measuring in inches or millimeters of finger nail per day or month.

  2. Mayda B Reply:
  3. Dido Too Reply:

    What medical reason is there for us having them? What purpose do they serve? What’s the point?

  4. Yμna Reply:

    please give me 3 characteristics.

  5. Xmcrx07 Reply:
  6. Sonicfan Reply:

    What are their purpose?

  7. Pmmiiee Reply:

    I have done 4 of the 5 pages for zoology project, but cant seem to find this last part with all the school blockers blocking sites, thanks in advance!

  8. Waist Deep In Horses Reply:

    I’m just wondering.

  9. Sammy Reply:

    I mean, what were they, claws or something? And why do we still have them?

  10. Karoline Reply:
  11. Tweety29 Reply:

    I guess primates’ nails can grow inconveniently long if not clipped regularly. I believe it’s true at least with human. How about chimps ?

  12. Don Reply:

    In what way we are similar and different?

  13. Jerome Reply:

    Just curious… I tried googling for answers, but I didn’t get anything out of it.

  14. Jordan Clifton Reply:

    I know sloths are not classified as primates but I think that is a mistake. To me, the
    head and face bears a very strong resemblance to a primate. The motion of the
    body resembles that of a lemur (without a tail).

  15. Marta Reply:

    I would like a list of the major differences between rodents and primates.

  16. Ahmad Reply:

    They can be useful (scratching an itch with your fingernails, for example), but they aren’t necessary. Why do we have them?

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