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Why do Viruses Not Respond to Antibiotics

You may have such questions as Are Viruses Alive and How Do Viruses Reproduce,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do Antibiotics Work. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Computer Viruses,too. Read more as following:

Viruses do not respond to antibiotics because the DNA of the virus changes with each person. A cold is a virus and it affects each person differently so there is no one antibiotic that can be taken for all colds. Scientists are unable to create an antibiotic that would properly destroy the virus.

Are viruses alive?

Viruses are non-living particles that attack healthy cells in living things. They do not have the characteristics of living things and cannot metabolize food.... More »

How do Virus Reproduce?

Virus cannot reproduce by themselves and therefor require a host. This makes them parasitic. Once inside a host cell, a virus commandeers the cells DNA or RNA production equipment and causes it to make copies of itself. Some cells respond to this by... More »

How do Antibiotics Work?

Antibiotics works by helping to kill the bacteria that is in our system, which cause you to have fevers. The antibiotics makes up some type of chemicals that may cause a problem, while fixing the problem. There are different types of antibiotics that... More »


  1. Halloa Reply:

    I have developed vertigo and have been treated by 2 different doctors in a week each of them prescribed something to alleviate the symptoms but neither any antibiotics even though they agree it was caused by an inner infection. Why would they do that?

  2. Julius Seizure Reply:

    He gets very sneezy… antibiotics take care of it, but is there anything you can recommend to help prevent him from getting them in the first place?

  3. Midday Delusion Reply:

    Three weeks now and no better. The doc says antibiotics are useless against a virus.

  4. Cowhed Reply:

    I’ve had a cold for about 3 days and starting taking antibiotics today.

  5. J Reply:

    A. Neither responds to antibiotics.
    B. Both respond to antibiotics.
    C. Viral diseases respond to antibiotics; Bacterial diseases do not.
    D. Bacterial Diseases respond to antibiotics; Viral diseases do not.

  6. Katie Reply:

    a.Neither responds to antibiotics
    b.both respond to antibiotics
    c.viral diseases respond to antibiotics;bacterial diseases do not.
    d. Bacterial diseases respond to antibiotics;viral diseases do not.
    ………..can you explain why plz if you can.

  7. Girly 4 Ever Reply:

    1)Both respond to antibiotics.

    2)Neither responds to antibiotics.

    3)Bacterial diseases respond to antibiotics, but viral diseases do not.

    4)Viral diseases respond to antibiotics, but bacterial diseases do not.

  8. Horses Reply:




    none of these, viruses do not respond to most antibiotics.

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