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Why do We Need Proteins

You may have such questions as Why Do We Need Protein in Our Body and Why Are Proteins Important,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is the Importance of Proteins. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Protein Rich Foods,too. Read more as following:

Proteins are vital for a healthy body. They build your hair and nails, help blood cells carry oxygen, aid in building enzymes for digestion, build cells, antibodies and muscle tissue.

Why do we need protein in our body?

... More »

Why are Proteins Important?

Proteins are the building blocks of cells. Proteins are very important for this reasons. Proteins provide a vital energy source to the cells of organisms. More »

What is the Importance of Protein?

Protein helps provide energy for your body. Eating protein snacks throughout the day can keep you alert and energetic. Protein is also great for helping to add muscle mass to your body.... More »

Why do We Need Proteins?

Proteins are needed to make sure the body has plenty of energy. Proteins are also essential for helping the body build lean muscle tissue.... More »

Why do We Need Protein in Our Diet?

We need protein in our body for lots of reasons. One being proteins are the building blocks for amino acids. These acids are vital to your body, and more specifically your cells.... More »

How much protein do we need?

Protein is what muscles and ligaments are made from, but it's also vital for our immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Amino acids, which make up proteins, serve important functions within individual cells, too, not the least of which is trans... More »


  1. Meowmeowmeow Reply:

    (Tertiary meaning the third level of protein structure.)

    Also, how does the structure of these proteins relate to their biological functions?

  2. Souheila Reply:

    Question: when you eat proteins from meat, eggs or soya beans, you body uses them to make the proteins in you cells and tissues. How doe this happen?
    So stuck
    Thanks,!! X :)

  3. Sharon Reply:

    I’m interested in mainly how proteins come to become a part of the membrane.

  4. Vance Reply:

    I know the monomers that make proteins are amino acids, but I’m supposed to know how many of them make up ALL of our body’s proteins.

  5. Arup Reply:

    What role do proteins play in the structure and function of the cell membrane? What are the different protein types?

  6. Robert Rubeni Reply:

    How are proteins actually formed and what role does RNA have in the process?

  7. Aprajita Reply:

    What is the best proteins supplement to take before you work out?
    And is this supplement worth buying?

  8. Dindin Reply:

    My biology teacher told us that proteins have an alpha helix structure or a beta sheet structure. I am trying to find out why a certain protein would choose, or be forced to, have one or the other. What is it that makes a protein have an alpha helix or a beta sheet structure?

  9. Paper Reply:

    And proteins that do NOT contain all the essential amino acids?


  10. David S The Best Reply:

    I know that at high temperatures, proteins will denature, but what about cold? Doesn’t extreme cold cause cell damage as well? If so, does this have to do with the proteins inside the cell?

  11. Watch Man Reply:

    What are conformations in proteins, and how do they determine the protein’s function? Please help.

  12. Kimp Reply:

    Proteins travel from ER to Golgi to lysosomes. What happens to proteins when they go into lysosomes?

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