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Why does the Body Need Potassium

You may have such questions as How Is Potassium Used In The Body and What Does Potassium Do For The Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Potassium Good for You. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Effects of Low Potassium,too. Read more as following:

The body requires potassium to maintain a balance between acids and bases, to synthesize proteins into amino acids, and to maintain healthy heart function.

How is potassium used in the body?

Potassium, along with sodium and other minerals, is responsible for keeping the body's electrolyte balance, which stabilizes the amount of water our cells hold. It also helps normal kidney function. ... More »

What does Potassium do in the Body?

Potassium helps you retain the necessary amounts of water needed to stay hydrated. A lack of potassium in the body can cause spasms and cramping in the muscles.... More »

Why is Potassium Good for You

Potassium is vital for your brain and neuron development and growth. It can also help with circulation. A lack of potassium is often the cause of leg cramps.... More »

Why does the Body Need Potassium?

The body need potassium in considerable amount. Potassium helps in the contraction and expansion of muscles. The athletes involved in hard exercises require large amount of potassium rich foods. The potassium is involved in nerve function, muscle con... More »

How does Potassium Help Your Body?

Potassuim is found every where in the human body. It helps your body by carry blood sugar to your cells. Potassium is made up fully of elctrolytes.... More »

Why does the Human Body Need Potassium?

Potassium is an element necessary to the human body because it helps maintain the balance of fluid in cells. It also releases energy from various foods during metabolism.... More »


  1. Betta Reply:

    How do you gain electrolytes in your body? I need some and Idk how else to get em. To much water flushes em out and Idk what to use to gain em back?

  2. Marjorie Sauer Reply:

    having to take stuff everyday an still not better in keepin potassium level. could it be somethin wrong with kidneys or what. Does this lead to surgery and of what kind. what do we need to do to keep my potassium level up?? any suggestions is needed a.s .a .p thanks……..

  3. Boy Named Sue Reply:

    Our body is made up of cell. Cell is formed by combining atoms.
    Which is that atom which make our body?
    Is there different types of such atoms?

  4. Yμna Reply:

    Every potassium supplement I have come across says that it only contains 2% of the daily required value. What does this mean? Obviously if its only two percent it can’t be a “supplement” unless you take about 50 pills. Is it really only 2%?

  5. J.r. Reply:

    How much potassium hydroxide should I use per quart container?

  6. Lala Lala Reply:

    With regards to the infamous Periodic Table of Elements (that we all know from high school chemistry class) – what type of molecules and atoms is the human body made up of?

    I know our bodies are mainly composed of water, so that would by Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. But what else?

  7. Katherine Reply:

    This has been going on for a few weeks now, not major trembling just slightly. good diet, no lack in potassium and very little caffeine intake. anyone have an idea?

  8. Twiggjosh Reply:

    And what is a reason they may need to have a high potassium diet?

  9. Kels Reply:

    My mother has a high potassium level and was told to not eat bananas, yams, potatoes, etc. She has a limited diet due to surgery of the mouth and neck (can’t chew/swallow well). Food has to be either cooked to death or ground up. What foods are low in potassium?

  10. Cone Reply:

    I took a potassium pill tonight at the er and I need my levels to stay up but I take 9-12 laxatives everyday. Will my levels stay up thru tomorrow?

  11. Love Reply:

    I am interested in finding where the potassium and phosphorus can be found in foods. I want to use them as fertilizers.

    I would like to know types of foods and possibly specific locations with in the item(s) where the nutrients can be found.

    Also any extraction tips would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Brat100 Reply:

    I was 19 when I was diagnosed with a potassium deficiency. How is that possible? Does your body just stop producing potassium?

  13. Stacy Reply:

    I take 6 supplements aday and my potassium level still doesnt go up . Am i gone need some kinda surgery or wat is available to help with potassium.? any suggestions are needed. thanks..

  14. Kyla Reply:

    My body is low on potassium, but can’t tolerate potassium supplements. I need to know how much potassium is in a medium banana, and what other foods are high in it as well.

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