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Why does the Human Body Need Iodine

You may have such questions as Why Does the Human Body Need Iron and Why Does the Human Body Need Potassium,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Iodine Important To The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

The human body needs iodine because the thyroid cannot produce hormones properly without it. The human body cannot create iodine and must obtain it from food. Not eating enough iodine may result in an enlarged thyroid.

Why does the Human Body Need Iron?

Our human bodies need iron because iron makes our red blood cells that carry oxygen to all other parts of our bodies. You can get iron by foods you eat as well as iron tablets.... More »

Why does the Human Body Need Potassium?

Potassium is an element necessary to the human body because it helps maintain the balance of fluid in cells. It also releases energy from various foods during metabolism.... More »

Why is iodine important to the human body?

It is important for hormone development. The thyroid gland can not produce thyroid hormone without a supply of iodine. Although very little is needed, what is needed is essential. A total lack will cause hypothyroidism.... More »

Where is iodine stored in humans body?

thyroid gland.... More »

What does Iodine do for the Body?

Iodine is a trace mineral that is essential for a healthy thyroid. Iodine also helps in the metabolism of cells in the body. Kelp is an excellent source of Iodine.... More »

What role does iodine play in the human body?

It is known to be essential in maintaining the function of the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the human body. It is also essential to the production of thyroxine, a hormone associated with the thyroid gland and proper thyroid functioning. Iodine a... More »


  1. Cetacea Reply:

    Like if you just broke down a random human right now into the chemicals and matter that makes us up, how much would it be worth?

  2. Jizzy B Reply:

    Why do some bacteria retain the Gram stain while others do not?


    Can u identify beneficial and one harmful role of Gram-negative enteric bacteria found in the human body?

  3. Maha Reply:

    & what is the difference between the two with regards to the effects on the human body?

  4. Football Dude Reply:

    What is the most abundant element (by mass) found in the human body?


  5. Gitmogcr Reply:

    Please list all of the elements that are found in the human body, out of the periodic table of elements.

  6. Bj J Reply:

    Wouldn’t it actually not be the healthier option since it doesn’t contain iodine, which is a necessary nutrient for the human body?

  7. Tommytom Reply:

    One example is Sodium (Na), anothe one is Carbon (C). Now guys, can you please give me other elements that can be found in the human body?

  8. Mandyjayne Reply:

    What element commonly used by the the human body has the highest atomic number?

  9. Jessielynn Smith Reply:

    I’m doing the Thyroid gland and parathyroid glands, and the hormones they make are t3, t4, calcitonin, and parathyroid hormone. What affect do these hormones have on the human body? (I’ve been looking everywhere. Somebody help me. I need some help on all this hard work I’m doing, please.)

  10. Iga Reply:

    One example is Sodium (Na), another one is Carbon (C). Now guys, can you please give me other elements that can be found in the human body?

  11. Amber Mabery Reply:

    With regards to the infamous Periodic Table of Elements (that we all know from high school chemistry class) – what type of molecules and atoms is the human body made up of?

    I know our bodies are mainly composed of water, so that would by Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. But what else?

  12. Jenna Reply:

    What is the human body composed of in percentages?

  13. Loc’s Law Reply:

    The human body contains 0.0004% iodine by weight. How many pounds of iodine are the in a 120 pound teenager? express in “scientific notation”.. please

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