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Why is There So Much Oxygen in the Human Body

You may have such questions as How Do Humans Get Oxygen In Their Bodies and Why Is Oxygen Needed For The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Functions Of Oxygen In The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

There is a lot of oxygen in the human body because it plays a vital role in the breathing process. It also plays a major role in the metabolism of the living organisms. Whenever we breath we use up some of the oxygen that we breath in. We need a lot of oxygen to replace what we use.

How do humans get oxygen in their bodies?

The respiratory system is the gateway that allows oxygen to enter your body. The mouth, nose, trachea, lungs and diaphragm all participate in oxygen absorption. Oxygen enters the body in the mouth and nose, passes through the larynx and the trachea.... More »

Why is oxygen needed for the human body?

The real short answer is that Oxygen is the electron receptor, some species use sulfur. The long answer is oxidative metabolism. Oxygen is to be used in the release of energy from glucose during respiration.... More »

What are the functions of oxygen in the human body?

oxygen is pumped form the heart into the blood, where it supplies every cell in your body. your body is made of cells, and cells need oxygen to survive. without oxygen for just 2.5 minutes, brain damage can result. after about 5 minutes, the body sta... More »

What is the percentage of oxygen in the human body?

65% by mass.... More »

What is the function of oxygen in the human body?

what is the function of oxygen in the human body.... More »

Which is the function of oxygen in the human body?

Cells use oxygen in the process of getting energy from sugars. The oxygen is used at the very end of that process - to pick up the electrons that have passed through the electron transport chain. That's when the most ATP are made, preparing energy fo... More »


  1. Eggplant Reply:

    When the homeostasis of the human body is disturbed, the disturbance can often be measured. What are some things that reflect homeostasis that can be measured ?

  2. My Dogs Are My Life Reply:

    Does human body organ has any mechanism or function requires the concept of acids or bases? I mean is there any part of human body needs acids or bases to operate? Or you can give me some website to look up by myself that will also be fine.

  3. Daveatron Reply:

    Don’t tell me it’s impossible, even if it is. I’m writing a fiction story and I need to know how the human body can be altered to survive underwater.

  4. Samantha W Reply:

    I am writing a paper on the affects of iron in the human body and i cant seem to find any definitive information about the difference of fe2+ and fe3+ when it comes to human health.
    I know the body oxidizes fe2+ to fe3+ and fe3+ cannot carry oxygen, but how does that relate to our health?

  5. Elizabeth Reply:

    What is the human body composed of in percentages?

  6. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    With regards to the infamous Periodic Table of Elements (that we all know from high school chemistry class) – what type of molecules and atoms is the human body made up of?

    I know our bodies are mainly composed of water, so that would by Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. But what else?

  7. Blondie103 Reply:

    I know that it’s possible to survive in a hard vacuum, disregarding the lack of oxygen; but how long would it be before the temperature of the human body reaches freezing, taking into account that heat loss will be fairly slow without a medium to transmit heat away?

  8. Charlotte Reply:

    How does the human body overcome oxygen shortages during vigorous exercise?


  9. Soinlove<3 Reply:

    How much oxygen do the red blood cells in a human body carry? E.g. for an average person of weight 80kg.

    ( I presume it’s not the same as the total carrying capacity of all the red blood cells in a body since something like half of the blood will be carrying carbon dioxide? )


  10. Kiki Wiki Reply:

    What are the best measures to get fully supply of oxygen to each and every cell of human body

  11. Billy Reply:

    It’s pretty much known to everybody that the oxygen we breath is O2, Less common knowledge is that Ozone is O3, and highly toxic, but what about O? It doesn’t occur naturally, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t exist, so what effect does it have on a human body?

  12. Stephanie-anne Reply:

    Hi Everyone

    I would like to ask you what would happen to oxygen when it goes into our human body system.

    Why do we need to breathe?

    Thank you
    Thank you. That was helpful.

  13. Zachary Reply:

    which is a function of oxygen in the human body; allows the body to metabolze food or fights off infection or carries nerve impulse from one part of the body to another or removes wastes in the kidney?

  14. Priti Reply:

    when a molecule of oxygen enters the human body it has a very very long journey,ending up as Carbon Dioxide when it exits the body, how long does this take?

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