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Why Must Food be Digested

You may have such questions as Where Are Proteins Digested and How Long Does It Take Food to Digest,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Must Food Be Digested. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Why Does Food Need to Be Digested,too. Read more as following:

Food must be digested so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients from it. As is, food that is consumed does not provide any practical purpose until broken down by the body.

Where are Proteins Digested?

Proteins are digested in the stomach. At least it starts there and then they are digested and travel through the intestines and travel into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine.... More »

How long does it take food to digest?

The stomach holds a little under two quarts (1.9 liters) of semi-digested food that stays in the stomach three to five hours. The stomach slowly releases food to the rest of the digestive tract. Fifteen hours or more after the first bite started down... More »

Why must food be digested?

Digestion is necessary because for energy from the food to be released and carried into the cells in our body the food must be broken down into soluble molecules for it to diffuse into the cells. Then energy is released during respiration.... More »

How do lipids move through the body so they can be digested and absorbed?

Answer In order for lipids to move through the bloodstream they must combine with proteins to form lipoproteins. liquids are spelt liquids not lipids Lipids is correct. The question is not liquids. Also, it is spelled not spelt!... More »

Where are Fats Digested?

Fat is digested in the pancreas. Enzymes break down the fat and use it for storage, energy and if there is too much it makes you gain weight.... More »

Can the Human Body Digest Black Pepper?

There is no evidence to support the rumor that the human body cannot digest black pepper. Pepper can irritate the wall of some people's intestines, but in moderation it should be fine--and tasty.... More »


  1. Erica Reply:

    my baby is 5months, 3 weeks old. started giving him food as agreed by his Doc. he has eczema but to a low level.. what type of food that makes allergy? Is white potatoes or butternut squash can cause allergy?

  2. Ijfiasjflsajfklsjaf Reply:

    2) How many animals have one source of food?
    3) What is the advantage or disadvantage of having one source of food?

  3. J Y Reply:

    How long after a person eats something does the stomach know it has recieved food? I heard something like 20 or 40 mins, does any one had a better # of minutes?

  4. I <3 My Dogs! Reply:

    I have tried Science Diet, Purina puppy chow, and now Beneful. My puppy eats her food grudgingly. Is there anything she’d actually enjoy eating?

  5. Kieran O’leary Reply:

    We have Diamond Dog Food but is there something better or is this perfect? This Boxer is like 10 weeks old.

  6. Terri S Reply:

    My dog likes ALPO better then the expensive brand dog food. I’ve tried feeding her higher premium brand foods, but she seems to prefer the taste of ALPO.

    Is it ok if I feed that to her instead?

  7. Ginny P Reply:

    This is just out of curiosity. From what I understand a dog’s body has more stomach acid and I think it can hold food longer in its stomach.

    But why is it that dogs can eat all meat, hardly any fruits and vegetables and thrive; While Human Beings can be vegetarian and very healthy?

  8. Nic Reply:

    I love my food and it seems like it is loving to cling to my stomach! What are some healthy choices but still yummy things to eat just to shed off that clingy stomach fat?

  9. Kara Reply:

    My friend’s poodle has major skin problems… They have medication for her but they want to feed her the best kind of food that will help her with the issue. What kind of dog food is really good for dogs with skin allergies?

  10. Ivy Has Twin Boys! Reply:

    I have a problem with digesting food. I used to take prunes about two years ago and it worked wonders. now, it is not working at all. I think my body must’ve gotten used to prunes that’s why its not working. can I take or eat anything that has the effect of making food digest?


  11. Hermione Reply:

    All those organic foods are too excpensive.I already have bills to pay and paying tons of money for holistic and organic food is just too much. What are some cheap but good quality and easy to find foods?

  12. Carley Reply:

    Is there a problem with the food or fish? Should i buy different food?
    He must be digesting some of it because he still poops from time to time.

  13. Dustin Reply:

    I know a healthy people cannot live on vitamins/minerals/nutrients alone, they must intake food matter to maintain a healthy body, i want to know why is it necessary for your stomach to contain some nourishments from food, is it to stay full and not have hunger pains or is it something else

  14. Tan S Reply:

    It must be digested food in the intestine because the new food is still in the stomach.

  15. Pau = ) Reply:

    Obviously, in normal circumstances, a person eats sitting down, back straight vertically. But is this the best position to be sat in to make the food digest easiest etc..
    I meant is sitting the best upright the best position?

  16. Korrissa Reply:

    How do you sum up Digestion? I’m in 8th grade and cannot understand the topic?
    Why must food be digested? What are enzymes and what part do they play? How does the digestive system help in digesting food?

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