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Can you lay in the tanning bed when you have shingles?

Tanning with shingles is definitely not a good idea! Patient should be careful to cover the blisters in order to stop the disease from spreading! Follow the treatment that your doctor has prescribed, and avoid exposure to sunlight! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mozell Reply:

    A tan can give you a whole new look. Tanned skin has Laying in the sun is an easy way to get a tan. Flag this Results are quicker when using tanning beds versus laying in the sun. How to Finish the Top Shingle Row on a Shed Roof Source:

  2. Zofia Reply:

    Answers for Can you lay in the tanning bed when you have shingles:Tanning with shingles is definitely not a good idea. Patient should be careful to cover the

  3. Leana Reply:

    It really depends on your skin and how dark you are. Anywhere from 5-20 minutes can be done. Source:

  4. Phillis Reply:

    It is not a good idea at all to be spending your time in a tanning bed. Little do people know that laying in a tannig bed gives you a 60% chance of cancer due to the harmful rays used during the tanning process. The best was to get a tan is… Source:

  5. Maida Reply:

    A tanning bed may seem like a harmless device, but in reality it is a very complex and potentially dangerous piece of medical equipment. The UV rays that are emitted inside a tanning bed should be taken as seriously as the rays of the sun. … Source:

  6. Maudie Reply:

    If you don’t lay out in the sun or lay in a tanning new freckles? I am fair complected and bed, why do you still get I still get new freckles even though I don’t stay out in t

  7. Josette Reply:

    the story itself isnt interesting to me!you have alot of mistakes regarding punctuation and grammar! and you need to separate your dialogue! dont have a conversation all in one sentence!

  8. Carli Reply:

    lie down on your back then 5 mins l8r flip you body so your are on your stomac well tanning in a bed can sometimes made you have skin cancer or serious

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