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How can I prevent foot blisters?

The best way to prevent foot blisters is to wear comfortable shoes that actually fit your feet and have soft (not abrasive) materials on the inside of the shoe! If you wear shoes that are too tight you’re going to get blisters! On! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shea Reply:

    Try a foot soak to help prevent blisters. Use two bags of black tea (not herbal) for each quart of water. Soak feet once to twice a week for 5 minutes, twice per day. Source:

  2. Imelda Reply:

    1 Understand that blisters develop from friction. Understand that blisters develop from friction . Typically your toes experience high friction when things are wet, hot, or dirty. So to avoid blisters you will want to reduce friction and ke

  3. Estrella Reply:

    You can prevent blisters on your hands by wearing gloves while working with your hands. If you are worried about them on your feet, make sure to wear socks and comfortable shoes. Source:

  4. Danica Reply:

    Get Measured once a year. The best time is during spring time! Blistering happens when you are caught off guard, your shoes may have become tighter due to weght gain or water retention after the winter season. You may not be aware that our … Source:

  5. Raymonde Reply:

    Always buy shoes that fit properly. When trying on shoes, walk around in them for a few minutes to make sure there aren’t any tight areas, or areas where it rubs against your feet and causes your skin to feel irritated. No matter how much y… Source:

  6. Alycia Reply:

    What can I do to prevent foot blisters? I would also like to that are cushioned and that know any specific sock brands keep the moisture out. (I walk and run a lot.) I would a

  7. Joni Reply:

    2 pairs of socks, first pair snug fitting for preference out of silk bu you will be hard put to find them smooth pure cotton are okay if you can get seamless all the better l! second sock slightly thicker usually wool blend again no seams are best!Next thing you can do is put talcum powder on your feet firstWhat you are trying to achieve is a slip not a rub effect! You can also use padded insoles like you would get for sports trainers these reduce impact and there fore the force of any rubbing!Do not lance blisters if you can avoid it you risk infectionBreak boots in before you need to use them in anger (20 mins half hour a day and build form there) wear them around the house for preference!Good foot care, at the end of the day take of the boots put the sock in the wash, wash your feet dry between the toes apply moisturiser (cheap baby stuff is OK) let the feet breathBlister care:Hydrogel blister plasters or similar, use same foot care regime let feet dry thoroughly and let moisturiser absorb fully then apply plaster, if you have a burst blister use antisceptic cream not moisturiser Final thought do not soak boots in bath and walk around in them it ruins the leather and really doesnt help!

  8. Tamar Reply:

    All it takes to keep your feet happy and pain free are a few precautions.

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