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How is the best way to get rid of blisters?

If the blister is not painful or obtrusive, give it a chance to heal on its own! Cover the blister with a gauze bandage to protect it! The blister will eventually heal by itself, the fluid will be reabsorbed and the skin will return to its normal! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tresa Reply:

    times per year. If you have a fever blister, you should work on getting rid of it because fever blisters are The Best Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores. Cold sores Source:

  2. Jeanne Reply:

    Jun 13, 2007 i got new knee high boots and they hav given me a …

  3. Julieann Reply:

    you can get rid of foot blisters, or any kind of blisters for that matter, by letting them heal on their own, or by draining them. You can do this by using rubbing alcohol, a safety pin, pliers, and a bandage. If it’s not as simple as it be… Source:

  4. Reatha Reply:

    If you have a fever blister do to the herpes simplex virus you can get rid of the fever blister faster with use of antivirals. If the blister is caused by a fever, treat the fever with acetaminophen. Source:

  5. Kenia Reply:

    The fastest way to get rid of a blister is to pop it, you can clean it with alcohol then sterilize a needle (by fire and let it cool) then poke a tiny hole in it and drain it then wrap it to keep it from getting infected. Do not rip the ski… Source:

  6. Shaunta Reply:

    hows the best way to help and it bothers me, and i have 2 blisters/get rid of a sore throat blisters ontop of the lips, and to get rid of? i have a sore throat on my bottom l

  7. Jeanmarie Reply:

    Denavir works well topically every two hours while awake! TO help once they have already formed!!! this sounds nuts but it works! Before you put on the denavir, put a cotton q-tip in Listerine and hold it on the area for about 30 seconds! It will dry up and help it go away faster! I dont know why, but I think it is the alcohol! I am sure vodka would be as effective, but I havent tried it!To prevent!!! Burts Bees lip balm is wonderful! Keep your lips moist with the balm and yourself well hydrated! If I have a really stressful event coming up (wedding, graduation, etc!) , I just go ahead and do the topical as a preventative!!! especially if my lips get chapped at the same time!! you just know one is going to happen anyway!!!!Hope this helps!!

  8. Marcelle Reply:

    Take cold showers. 2. Rub some product that has aloe in it on the sunburned parts. 3. Wear light clothing, preferably cotton, so you don' t irritate it further. 4.

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