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What are some signs of sun poisoning?

Skin poisoning symptoms depend on the source of the poisoning! For instance skin poisoning caused by the sun can cause nausea, fever, chills, rapid pulse, dizziness and more! Skin poisoning from plants can cause blisters, hives and a painful rash! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Luanna Reply:

    Signs and symptoms of sun poison are extreme skin redness, oozing blisters, itching, In addition, sun poison can cause fever and chills in some cases. Source:

  2. Eura Reply:’s a heat rash also called a sun allergy. 100% aloe vera gel will soothe it and help it go away. a question..were you recently given penicillin? can cause sun allergies. (it happend to me..many years ago) or..are you

  3. Cindi Reply:

    Sun poisoning is when you get too much exposure to that sun that it actually makes you sick. Make sure to use sunscreen and drink lots of water and limit your time in the sun. Source:

  4. Marylynn Reply:

    Sun Poisoning is not much different than sun burn but some of the distinguishing symptoms include blisters. Sun poisoning may also include dizziness or nausea. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Sharleen Reply:

    Many people wonder what is sun poisoning also known as Photo-dermatitis.This is an allergic reaction to the UV rays and is usually seen in people who skin is very sensitive to the sun. It is important for anyone that has plans to be i n a l… Source:

  6. Pandora Reply:

    What are the signs of SUN poisoning? I went to my dad was sunny and windy. I was outside most of’s lake house today and it the time. Although somewhat in the shade. When I was

  7. Kia Reply:

    Yes, they are blisters so you got a pretty bad burn! I would see the doctor or at least call and ask what to do, because they could get infected! In the meantime try not to pop them! I would not put anything on them until you ask the dr! Take Tylenol for pain and make sure to drink plenty of fluids!

  8. Twila Reply:

    Some of the common signs of poisoning are odour in breath, some unusual Your sun sign is the side of your personality that describes how you appear to

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