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What are sun blisters and how do you get them?

Sun blisters are areas of raised skin that contain fluid! Sun blisters should not be taken lightly! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dennise Reply:

    While many people don't perceive them as so, sunburns are just as serious as any other kind of burn Luckily, it's relatively easy to treat blisters from a sunburn . Consult a dermatologist to make sure the damage wasn't too severe and avoid Source:

  2. Coleen Reply:

    i got a very red sunburn on both my arms from wris… exposure is probbable. what should i do to treat the blisters and how should i go about covering them,

  3. Kirby Reply:

    Cold sores are a result of the herpes simplex type one virus (HSV-1). A cold sore is a reddish blister that often occurs around the lips, and can be quite painful. HSV-1 is first contracted by someone infected with the virus; cold sores can… Source:

  4. Talitha Reply:

    Sun blisters usually occur after a really bad sunburn. They will be almost white, and very tiny but they will most often come in large amounts. They will itch like crazy and sometimes break open. The blisters will feel like pins and needles… Source:

  5. Gema Reply:

    Sun blisters can be awfully painful when they are popped. The most important step is not to pop the blister. Soak gauze strips in salt water and apply to the blisters for 30 minutes everyday and apply ointment to the area. To find more info… Source:

  6. Natividad Reply:

    How do you treat blisters caused blond and fair skin…We were out in the sun old daugther who is strawberry by too much sun? I have a 20 month too long. Her cheeks under eyes

  7. Sammie Reply:

    Brew enough tea bags to cover a considerable area of the sunburn and ice down to get the tea really cold! Place the cold, wet tea bags and/or a rag drenched in the tea over the affected area, keeping the bags and rags cold! If you can submurge the burned part of the body, do so into the tea! Do this for at least one hour as often as you can (3 or so times a day) until it fades! This works for second and third degree burns as well and will prohibit scarring! The tea works as an antioxidant and pulls the heat out of your body! It stops the pain temporarily also!For more information on clearing your acnehttp://www!acnecureinformation!comhttp://acnecureinfo!blogspot!comYou can also check out the sidebars throughout the site to have the wealth of knowledge

  8. Leigha Reply:

    Do not break them, that will slow down the healing process and risk an infection. To protect the blisters, lightly cover with a non-stick sterile gauge pad. AND VIDEO GO TO:

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