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What is good to use for sun blisters on your lips?

You should be seen by a healthcare provider so you can get an antiviral such as Valtrex or Zovirax! Over the counter remedies won’t be as effective! – Thank you for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Arlyne Reply:

    See a doctor if your sun-poisoned lips have large blisters that are pus-filled or watery. The blisters can Always use a lip balm that has a SPF of 30 or more to protect your lips while outdoors. What Is Good for Sun-Poisoned Lips? Your lips Source:

  2. Karolyn Reply:

    These sun blisters can be small, hardly noticeable water blisters, or they may be larger, more painful blisters. Due to the natural sensitivity of your mouth, either

  3. Rossie Reply:

    Sun blisters usually occur after a really bad sunburn. They will be almost white, and very tiny but they will most often come in large amounts. They will itch like crazy and sometimes break open. The blisters will feel like pins and needles… Source:

  4. Angelic Reply:

    Get some ointment from a store..might i suggest walmart. Source:

  5. Alysha Reply:

    Sun blisters can be awfully painful when they are popped. The most important step is not to pop the blister. Soak gauze strips in salt water and apply to the blisters for 30 minutes everyday and apply ointment to the area. To find more info… Source:

  6. Kathryne Reply:

    what could treat sun blisters on the lips and swelling of staying at our beach house the lips? My family and i are for a week. We go to the beach everyday this week, tanning

  7. Kathe Reply:

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  8. Yasuko Reply:

    States News Service; Jul 8, 2011; 700+ Words the harsh sun is wearingblock protects your skin by absorbingApply a lip balm with at least SPF 15 on your

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