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What is the best cure for fever blisters?

The most commonly recommended OTC products are Lipactin gel and Zilactin! However, they don’t actually decrease healing time! They just help the symptoms! Abreva is the only OTC topical product that is known to decrease healing time! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Raina Reply:

    The Best OTC Medication for Fever Blisters. Fever blisters, also known as cold sores or oral herpes, are caused by infection with a herpes simplex virus. Source:

  2. Ardelia Reply:

    As soon as you notice one coming up, sometimes a peculiar taste and tenderness will appear before any swelling does, apply heat to the area. You may cut a hole the size of the fever blister in a heavy sheet of paper and heat it with a hair

  3. Yadira Reply:

    Fever blisters are small sores located on the face or in the mouth, according to MedicineNet. Usually, they occur on the lips, chin, cheeks and inside the nose. Fever blisters hurt, burn or itch before they open up and crust over. They are … Source:

  4. Yasmine Reply:

    There is no cure for fever blisters. They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, for which there is no cure. If your outbreaks are severe and happening frequently, you doctor can prescribe a medication such as Valtrex, which can help suppr… Source:

  5. Ellis Reply:

    Most fever blisters can be cured by over the counter medications, such as Abreva. Your doctor can also prescribe medications such as Valtrex or Famvir. Even without the benefit of medication, cold sores usually clear up by themselves in 5-1… Source:

  6. Karole Reply:

    How to cure fever blisters? I have fever blisters in my nose and they hurt too. How do you cure them like H#LL! Should I pop them? Some are under my nose. It is a cold sore, T

  7. Cleopatra Reply:

    Yes! There are two types of herpes virus! Herpes simplex virus 1 and Herpex simplex virus 2! Otherwise known as HSV 1 and HSV 2! Typically, genital herpes is caused by HSV 2 and is transmitted by sexual contact! However, a significant portion of genital herpes is caused by HSV-1 (the cold sore kind)! It gets there by, you guessed it, oral sex!Also, of all the people infected with HSV 2, only 10% (on average) will ever have the typical blisters! They can still transmit the disease to others! So her husband could have transmitted the infection to her from a sexual contact that he had prior to their marriage! In matters of love, anything can happen! I wouldnt jump to conclusions, however, about the fidelity of her husband!

  8. Deidre Reply:

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for fever blisters. You can use topical ointments to help dry the liquid that is responsible for spreading these unnattractive

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