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What the fastest way to get rid of blisters?

To treat blisters while keeping it intact, cover the affected area with an adhesive bandage! Next, place a larger, plastic-coated, and porous gauze pad over it! The latter will be responsible for absorbing moisture & ensuring ventilation! MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kacey Reply:

    Fast Ways to Get Rid of Fever Blisters With Peroxide. Fever blisters are also known as cold sores. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus Source:

  2. Janiece Reply:

    You will need cotton swabs and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Take the cotton swab and dip it in the solution. Apply the..MORE?

  3. Felisa Reply:

    Blood blisters will heal with time, but do not irritate the dermis or epidermis (skin) or it will not go away or heal properly. Source:

  4. Araceli Reply:

    Other treatments: Valacyclovir or suppression therapy (a daily medication). Avoid touching, scratching or rubbing them as much as possible. Clean the area using a washcloth and hot, soapy water. Cover the sore(s) with a petroleum based prod… Source:

  5. Lauralee Reply:

    You can use something over the counter like Car-mex or I personally apply peroxide to the site as often as possible. Source:

  6. Ebony Reply:

    Best and fastest way to get from one of my shoes rid of blisters on the I have a blister on foot? – I’m going camping this weekend and the edge of my foot. It causes pain when

  7. Dion Reply:

    I would go out and buy a box of blister bandaids! They have a type of gel on it that creates a protective layer on the blister! I used to get blisters when I would ice skate, and with one of those on I couldnt even feel it! After about 2 days your blister will start to heal and it will be gone in about 3! They worked miracles for me!

  8. Santa Reply:

    What is the fastest way to get rid of sun blisters? You can't totally "get rid of the stutters" but probably the quickest way to see improvement is to try medication.

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