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How do I get a fever?

Hold the thermometer as still as you can with one hand, and rub your thumb as fast as you can until your desired fever is reached!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Roselle Reply:

    How to Break A Fever. When you have elevated body temperature that is higher than the normal temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit, you have what is called a fever. Detail:

  2. Alene Reply:

    A fever is the body’s way of fighting of viruses and bacteria which could make one sick. The heat generated by the body actually kills the viruses and bacteria. I would not suggest inducing a fever on purpose as it is risky and could have

  3. Emelina Reply:

    The origin of this disease goes way back to the mid and late 1600’s. If you think it’s an illness of the past, you are mistaken. Scarlet fever can still affect children. More:

  4. Karoline Reply:

    You can take a fever reducer medicine and in the meantime you can take a cool bath but not too cold because you don’t want to shock the body. Just take a cool bath and dress very lightly. You can also apply cool compresses to the back of yo… More:

  5. Roxie Reply:

    A fever is an elevation in your body temperature. A fever is not really considered a fever until your body temperature is above 100.4 F. More:

  6. Nicolle Reply:

    what are the treatments of all these,Smallpox Scarlet Fever Colds Influenza Yellow Fever Dengue Fever Malaria?

  7. Roni Reply:

    I have a cousin with autism and he often has tantrums and screams! For kids with autism, it is very hard for them to express their-selves,especially if they cannot talk! This is probably why your son is acting in that way! Try to remain calm and make everything quiet! Turn off the t!vs, all the music, and make the setting calm and spend time with him! Even if youre laying down with him on your bed or playing a game with him, I think the important thing is to show him that you are there for him and it seems like thats the reassurance he needs! Rub his back and try to calm him down to let him know it is okay, this might relax him! I understand what this is like, my cousin is often moody and he cant communicate with us to let us know why he is crying! This is frustrating I know, and sometimes nobody in the house can sleep, like in your situation! Since my cousin cannot talk verbally, the school gave his mom this laminated paper with pictures of different things such as: a toilet(meaning he needs to go to the bathroom), a hamburger (indicating lunch), a cup of water(thirsty) a bed(meaning hes tired), etc! Hell bring it to his mom and point to what he wants! I really suggest that you try to get this! I dont know your situation, because every child with autism is different, but if your son cant talk, I think it would be a lot easier if you got that!

  8. Pamala Reply:

    Fever is the bodies attempt to raise the body temperature to deal with an infection by a pathogen ( bad germ or virus). At 101 degrees (by mouth temperature)

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