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How often can you donate blood?

You must wait a minimum of 56 days between whole blood donations! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lashaunda Reply:

    How Often Can You Donate Plasma?. Donated plasma can be used for many things, including transfusions for other patients and medication manufacturing. Detail:

  2. Jestine Reply:

    Donating blood can help save lives. If you donate blood, it may be used to help someone in need with the same blood type. Also, donating is very easy to do and the amount they take for the donating is minuscule. You won’t miss it! More:

  3. Sam Reply:

    Donating blood is extremely important to millions of people worldwide. It does not make you gain weight! The blood banks is at an all time low of blood products at the moment and every single donation makes a difference. More:

  4. Joslyn Reply:

    US Regulations require that you wait 56 days between blood donations. This ensures that your blood volume has been built back up. Donating platelets has a 3 day wait period between donations. For more information look here: http://www.givel… More:

  5. Antonette Reply:

    I am having B Negative blood Blood camps regularly or donate group. Should I donate it in when required? Hi, I am having B -ve blood group. i am a resident in bangalore a

  6. Lavette Reply:

    There ARE risk in donating blood, but they are usually very minimum such as infection around the needle site, and you can only donate every 56 days

  7. Shea Reply:

    How often in a week can you donate blood? Giving whole blood, you have to wait 56 days between your donations. If you donate plasma, you may donate every

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