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Is fever a symptom of blood clots?

No fever is not a symptom of blood clots! Some symptoms are swelling, warmth, redness, and pain! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Zelda Reply:

    Symptoms of Blood Clots in Pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormonal and circulatory changes in the body can increase the risk for developing a blood clot in the Detail:

  2. Stacy Reply:

    There may not be any specific symptoms with the fever. Occasionally a blood clot can develop in a person’s leg and cause swelling and pain in the calf. Part of

  3. Madonna Reply:

    A blood clot in the leg is usually what is called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). In fact, DVT’s are most likely found in the legs. The clots are formed when a vein is damaged or blood flow is stopped or slowed in the vein. Many DVT’s are asy… More:

  4. Briana Reply:

    When blood clots are formed for reasons other than stopping blood flow from a cut or injury (or they don’t end up dissolving as they should after the injury has healed), these clots can produce painful symptoms. They can also be life threat… More:

  5. Jimmy Reply:

    Symptoms of blood clots are pain in the clotted area. It will hurt to put to much force to it. Blood clots cause pain and swelling in the area as well. More:

  6. Wonda Reply:

    blood clots in lungs/still have low grade fever? I was diagnosed w/a “shower” of clots in my lungs. I have since been on lovenox (for 5 days 2x’s a day) and coumidin still. I

  7. Delora Reply:

    You absolutely need to go to the doctor asap to get antibiotics! It definitely sounds like a bladder infection, and if it goes untreated it could become very serious! Please make an appointment, and in the meantime, you can take some AZO for the pain and other symptoms! It can be bought at any local pharmacy!

  8. Joie Reply:

    If a blood clot reaches your lungs, your symptoms can be that of it being difficult to breathe, chest pain, a fever, cough (with or without blood in it), rapid heart beat

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