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What are blood transfusions used for?

A transfusion is a relatively simple medical procedure that doctors use to make up for a loss of blood! on!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Meagan Reply:

    A blood transfusion is used when a patient is in need of blood, either because of some form of blood loss due to trauma or surgery, or to treat severe blood Detail:

  2. Lizbeth Reply:

    Blood transfusions are used to replace blood lost during surgery or a serious injury. A transfusion also might be done if your body can’t make blood properly

  3. Laurence Reply:

    A blood transfusion is not as easy as some may think. First, blood has to be typed atleast twice to make sure the recipient and the donor match. Once matched, a large IV is attached and the blood is transported into the body. If the blood w… More:

  4. Mia Reply:

    Blood transfusion is a give and take process. It is the process of moving blood or blood based products from one individual to another through circulatory system. More:

  5. Robin Reply:

    Prior to a blood transfusion, an IV is inserted into the patient’s vein in their hand or arm. A nurse will attach bag containing the properly matched blood type to the IV and hang it on a pole above the patient.The blood travels from the ba… More:

  6. Tamisha Reply:

    Blood transfusions, when a person receives a very easily have come from blood transfusions? some of that blood could a different race. I can’t imagine anyone turning down the

  7. Patrick Reply:

    You might find the site below informative: http://www!aidsaction!info/ht/section1!html

  8. Adeline Reply:

    Blood transfusions typically use two sources of blood: one's own (autologous transfusion), or someone else's (allogeneic transfusion). The latter is much more

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