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What are the symptoms of a blood clot in your leg?

Symptoms of blood clot are swelling of the affected leg, pain in the affected leg & reddening of the affected leg! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. bruno Reply:

    I found a wounderful remedy for blood clot.If you go to the health store and by Ginco Biloba and take 240 mg a day you will get better from the blood circulation of blood.Yes i am taking 320 mg.Warning if you are in blood thinning medication please don`t take Ginco Biloba.

  2. Yael Reply:

    Internal blood clots in the legs can lead to heart attacks, strokes and death. Knowing the warning signs is the best way to prevent a clot in your leg from turning Detail:

  3. Chaya Reply:

    You may have a deep vein thrombosis( blood clot ). Very dangerousget medical help NOW! Anothe symptom is swelling, espcially at sock or stocking line, beside pain , possib;e tingling in toes. am getting over one right now. On coumadin

  4. Ressie Reply:

    When blood clots are formed for reasons other than stopping blood flow from a cut or injury (or they don’t end up dissolving as they should after the injury has healed), these clots can produce painful symptoms. They can also be life threat… More:

  5. Mariann Reply:

    Blood clots in your leg, also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), is a serious condition that should be treated by a doctor as soon as possible. The danger with DVT is that the blood clot can move from your legs into your lungs, causing a pu… More:

  6. Sau Reply:

    Aching and swelling are symptoms of a blood clot. If the blood clot is in your leg, it might be difficult to bear weight on the leg. Blood clots can also cause a pins and needles feeling. However shortness of breath or chest pains are sympt… More:

  7. Maribeth Reply:

    what are the symptoms of a leg? It is not hot or blood clot in the calf it feels like a cramp of your leg? My leg is swollen and in? in my calf of my cold. It was severe ear

  8. Darlena Reply:

    A clot hurts quite bad, depending on how severe it is! I would go see a doctor ASAP, potential clots are not something to put off!In the mean time DO NOT TAKE ANY PAINKILLERS!!! Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen will thin out your blood (seems good, right?? wrong!), but it wont thin it out properly! You want the clot to dissolve either very slowly (heparin) or very quickly (alteplase, if its an emergency)! Taking painkillers will thin the blood out enough to break off the clot and send it traveling to settle anywhere, but most typically the lungs (pulmonary embolism), heart (heart attack) or brain (stroke)!In addition to painkillers, avoid grapefruit, cranberries and green leafy vegetables until you see a doctor!Getting the clot dealt with NOW will be ALOT cheaper than having it break off! Typically a single dose of alteplase will run about $10,000, but that is only used if the clot breaks off!A clot feels like a central pain in the leg, that hurts more when flexed! It can be the worst pain in the world, so SEE A DOCTOR! Insurance or no insurance, JUST DO IT, and if you feel funny (cant catch breath, chest pain or sudden dizziness or confusion) CALL 911 or get to a hospital ER ASAP! Clots are serious and you will be admitted immediately regardless of your ability to pay!

  9. Lila Reply:

    A blood clot can cause your leg to swell, become sore or painful (especially when If a blood clot reaches your lungs, your symptoms can be that of it being

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