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What does it mean when you wake up dizzy and stay dizzy?

Low blood pressure can cause dizziness! It is best to see a doctor to get a better diagnoses! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lanora Reply:

    Dizziness (vertigo) and cold sweats, also called clammy skin, are signs of physical or psychological distress. Knowing what Enter the sauna and stay there until you begin to sweat (5 to 10 minutes). Inhale and Or sleeping through the night without waking up in. What Does It Mean When You Feel Faint? What are the Detail:

  2. Cecila Reply:

    May 11, 2007 i mean you workout and everythingso better safe than sorry. the other Anyway, it does sound like your blood pressure. Maybe you . Happens alot to me to, most days when i wake up and then stand up i feel dizzy, usually have to sit down for a while till i can stay standing without passing out. Once or

  3. Jasmine Reply:

    Dizziness and vomiting upon waking can be caused by an ear infection, a sinus infection or an impending migraine headache. More:

  4. Armida Reply:

    Because your sudden wake up action requires more blood circulation, but sleep slows the heart beat, hence when you suddenly wake up the blood fails to reach the brain hece causing a Dizzyness and in swear case even Black Out. sitting up in … More:

  5. Kamilah Reply:

    There are 100 reasons you might be dizzy, many harmless, some not. If it doesn’t stop, see a Dr. Sinus pressure will cause it. More:…are-they-okay

  6. Janna Reply:

    Really Dizzy and Queazy. Dizzy upon standing after waking I’m clear. I woke up this morning up this morning, about an hour ago.? I want to make sure, read the last chapter of

  7. Shoshana Reply:

    Its all in your brain! Your body is half asleep! Nothing bad just that the nightmare was bad! If you dont want to have nightmares just think of the girl you like or something that makes you happy

  8. Mayola Reply:

    What does it mean when you wake up then stand up and you are dizzy and you If you have been lying down for a while or slouching, blood will start to stay

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