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What happens if blood comes out while popping a pimple?

This is normal! You just broke the skin by popping a pimple, so you will bleed! If you have popped it, try to drain it as much as you can and keep it clean since now you basically have an open wound! Don’t do this, though, because it can cause scars! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Miss Reply:

    I press gently to stop the pulse comin out but that one main spot look glossy n dark n the spot got bigger n it don’t feel nice I got it cover with a bandage right now im feelin insecure what should I do it almost by my lip

  2. Miss Reply:

    Ok I have acne problems right n allergies my face swells from time to time. Yesterday I pop my pimple I felt like I ain’t got all the pulse out n I mess with it again squezzing it it left nail marks afterwards I rub alcohol on it right away then I put noxzema on it I notice few hours later that same start changing colors. Im brown skin and the spot turned darker today when I woke up n glossy like I keep whipping it with a rag n same results im feeling insecure what should I do.

  3. doglover71 Reply:

    About the blood. When healthy clean blood appears, let it wash out any other bacteria and treat it like a wound. Press gently to stop the bleeding and maybe put a dab of something like bacitracin.

  4. doglover71 Reply:

    I have had very oily skin for years and battled all sizes of pimples as well as gone to dermatologists. When I feel one is coming to a head I used the needle dipped in alcohol and gently puncture the pus. Do keep in mind that squeezing the wrong way can push the infection down further and make a bigger problem. I have had plenty of practice, but don’t squeeze right on top of the infection. Act like you are milking a cow. Start pushing off to the sides and push under the zit, pushing the harder oil plug moving up and out. It doesn’t cause scars. What does cause scars for me, is leaving the infection for a long period time and letting it get bigger and bigger. Keep your skin clean. I have found that Erno Laszlo (expensive) but it is the best for chronically oily skin problems.

  5. Fiona Reply:

    Bacteria around the area can enter the pimple after you pop it, possibly infecting it. 4. Insert the Continue to push until you have removed all pus and blood from the pimple. Stop when you see a clear fluid come out of the pimple. Use the flat Detail:

  6. Gladys Reply:

    What will happen if you don’t take good care of it, and how to get it to go away. So you go have yours pierced yadayada well then a while later you notice it. the It would grow into like a squishy pimple, sometimes big, sometimes small. kept getting harder and nothing would come out except blood when I tried to pop it.

  7. Shantel Reply:

    When you pop a pimple and blood comes out before the puss has come out, then it’s not ready to be popped and you need to leave it alone. If blood comes out after the puss, then it means all the puss is out of the pimple and just let it be s… More:

  8. Inger Reply:

    some say that popping pimples makes it worse, and can also cause more pimples. if you still feel the need to pop them, try squeezing a larger piece of skin around the pimple to be sure you get under the whole pore. theres always ‘head’ of t… More:

  9. Zandra Reply:

    Some people will scar when they force that to happen, others don’t. Anytime you pop a pimple you are putting yourself at risk for scarring. When you pop a pimple it forces the bacteria further into the pore. Even it it looks all the "stuff"… More:

  10. Melody Reply:

    Could I have caused a blood whitehead on the very edg blister to form from popping? I already know that I a pimple on my lip shouldn’t squeeze/pop pimples, but I had this tiny

  11. Divina Reply:

    It depends on your skin! I sometimes pop pimples and I have NO scars what so ever =]!Some people say putting tooth paste on your popped pimples help!!!but I can tell you it stings so badly!Basically, just make sure that you wash that spot and make sure that there are no infections or puss build-up! And if there is a scar, it might just look like a dark spot on your skin!!!depends how big the pimple was and how clear your skin is already!Wash it with warm water =]Good luck~

  12. Tammera Reply:

    What happen to your body 3 days without water? What should you apply after popping a pimple? Do you start your period if blood comes out your bum?

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