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What is normal blood pressure?

A normal adult blood pressure would be 120/70! It can vary by a few points each direction and still be normal! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Yael Reply:

    About Normal Blood Pressure for an Infant. Blood pressure is an important factor in adult health, especially when considering heart disease and cardiac health, Detail:

  2. Aleshia Reply:

    Blood pressure changes according to your activity and to the situation. And that is normal. The values mentioned in LaDiva637 et alli are the average of a healthy person "at rest" (that is, after he or she has been resting for at least ten

  3. Marvis Reply:

    The normal blood pressure range is 100-140 over 60-90. More:

  4. Cleta Reply:

    Normal blood pressure for a man or woman is 120/80. Lower is better than much higher. 140/90 is reaching a little high and should be checked more frequently. You can have an unusually high blood pressure reading if you have just been walkin… More:

  5. Kathleen Reply:

    Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Some peoples may vary slightly. If your blood pressure rises and stays that way you are said to have high blood pressure and sometimes need medications to help lower it. More:

  6. Opal Reply:

    is a blood pressure of 135 over 72 bad for a pressure for my age? i tested by blood pressure 15 year old boy? What is the normal blood and it said 135 over 72. is that bad?

  7. Mellisa Reply:

    systolic less than 120 and diastolic less than 80 is considered normal in a healthy person!

  8. Latashia Reply:

    However, in a study of 100 human subjects with no known history of hypertension , an average blood pressure of 112/64 mmHg was

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